Can I Block Numbers on Nokia 6350 and Other Nokia Models?

One of the problems with owning Nokia cell phones is that many do not come with the ability to block specific numbers from calling you. This means you are unable to block spam calls or other annoying calls. Fortunately, there are solutions available. The carriers that support Nokia phones — AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint Nextel — all offer web-based services that allow you to block numbers from calling you. The process varies depending on each carrier, as does the number of calls you can block.

Nokia 6350

Blocking Calls on Nokia Phones

Can I block numbers on my Nokia 6350? Yes, you can. Blocking calls on the Nokia 6350 requires you to have AT&T Smart Limits for Wireless as part of your myAT&T account, which allows you to block up to thirty numbers. If you do not already have Smart Limits as part of your account, go to the myAT&T site and log in to your account. When you get to the “Account Overview” page, click on the link for “Manage Features” under the “Quick Links” section.

Look for “Smart Limits for Wireless Parental Controls” under “Smart Solutions” and click the “Select” button. Click “Next” at the bottom of the page. Choose the “Make Effective Today” option from the “Select Feature Effective Date” screen and click “Next.” Review your Smart Limits setup and then click “Submit.”

To use Smart Limits to block calls, log in to your myAT&T account and select “Manage AT&T Smart Limits for Wireless” from the “Account Overview” page. Select the “Blocked Numbers” option from the list of Smart Controls that appears. Under the “Add New” phone number fields, enter both the three-digit area code and the seven-digit number of the number that you wish to block. Click “Submit” and calls from the number you listed are blocked.

Nokia 6300

Blocking Calls on Nokia Phones

The Nokia 6300 is supported by both AT&T and T-Mobile, so blocking numbers requires the use of their online services.

If you are with AT&T, you can use the Smart Limits for Wireless service described under the Nokia 6350 section to block calls.

If you are with T-Mobile, go to the T-Mobile website and log in to your myT-Mobile account. Click “Family Allowances” under the “Manage” section. Select the “Manage Numbers” option and enter in a ten-digit phone number (the area code plus the main number) under the “Never Allowed” section. Click “OK,” then click “Save” to save the changes you made. You can block up to ten numbers this way.

Nokia 6256i

Blocking Calls on Nokia Phones

Verizon Wireless supports the Nokia 6256i, so blocking calls on this phone requires the use of Verizon’s Spam Controls from the Verizon Wireless website. To use these controls, navigate to the Verizon Wireless site and log in to your My Verizon account. From the main account page, select “My Services,” “Verizon Safeguards” and “Spam Controls.”

Choose “Call & Message Blocking” from the list that appears and enter the phone numbers that you wish to block. Keep in mind that you can only block up to five numbers and you cannot block non-ten-digit numbers. Also keep in mind that a block on a number expires 90 days after you block it, meaning that you have to block the number again after 90 days.

Nokia 6165i

Blocking Calls on Your Nokia Phone

The Nokia 6165i is supported by Sprint Nextel, which means blocking calls on the phone requires the use of Sprint’s My Sprint service. Go to the official Sprint site and log in to your My Sprint account. Click the “My Preferences” tab and select “Block Voice” under the “Limits and Permissions” section.

Choose which phone you wish to block numbers for (in this case the 6165i) and select the “Block only the following phone numbers for inbound and outbound calls” option. Type the number in the field provided that you wish to block and click “Add Number.” Do this for each number that you wish to block. Click “Save” when you are done. If you see "Thank you! We've saved your changes" appear, it means the numbers are being blocked. The changes should take effect within fifteen minutes, though you need to turn your phone off then back on again before they will.