Samsung Driver Downloads – How to Get the Right Driver for Your Samsung Phone

Connecting a Smartphone to Your PC

Samsung phones like the Galaxy S are really compact portable computers packed full of many features. As such, many users want to connect them to their home computers in order to copy data like photos, movies, music, and more to the internal storage on the phone. Likewise, users may wish to back up the data from their phone to the PC for safe keeping. How you go about syncing your phone to the computer depends on what model you have and what cellular service provider you use. Sometimes, you have to dig around a bit just to find the right software to make it all work, and this article will help you to make sure you are digging in the right place to get the correct Samsung driver downloads.

Samsung Driver Downloads

Samsung Galaxy S

The first place you should visit to find Samsung driver downloads is the official Samsung website at From the front page, click the link at the top that says Support, then in the next page click the link for Cell Phones under the Mobile heading. A window will appear where you can select your service provider, like Verizon or Cellular South.

Note: It is incredibly important that you select the appropriate service provider because different ones use different submodels of the same model phones.

For example, I have a Samsung Galaxy S phone from Cellular South. When I select Cellular South from the web listing, my model phone is the only option listed. However, it shows up as a Samsung Showcase i500 Android smartphone. It's the same thing, but I wouldn't have known that going in. If I were to go to Google and search for 'Samsung Galaxy S driver downloads', one link return will take me to another page where it shows different software downloads for this model phone, but they didn't work. Samsung makes a program called Kies that is supposed to help you sync your phone data, but it doesn't work with my model phone even though I have the Galaxy S. Confusing, right? This is why you must go through their website and choose your service provider in order to get the exact model reference.

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Alternate Downloads

You should be wary of any Samsung downloads that don't come direct from The reason for this is that there are some tools out there that can be used to hack into certain model smartphones. Not only could this corrupt the software inside your phone, but it could possibly void your warranty and is often used to do illegal things with the phone.

USB Drivers

The main download you want to get for your Samsung phone is a USB driver so you can connect your phone to your computer. These drivers can easily be found on Samsung's website and sometimes they are your only option. Once installed, you can 'mount' certain model phones to work as an external storage device just like browsing a hard drive. This requires you to manually copy data back and forth, but it's fairly self explanatory if you explore the directory structure a bit. If you have questions, always be sure to contact the local office of your cellular phone service provider as they should support the Samsung phones they sell.


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