Find out Everything About the Samsung Galaxy S Carriers

The Samsung Galaxy S device, an international sensation, is known for winning the European Smartphone of the Year at the European Imaging and Sound Sensation Awards (2010-2011). Running on the Android operating system, the Samsung Galaxy S has a 4 inch AMOLED display, HD video player, SoundAlive audio quality, etc. This is one of the more unique phones because the Samsung Galaxy S carriers have renamed the phones. In other words, for each carrier, the Samsung Galaxy S has a variant, or a different name. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S Verizon has been renamed in the United States as the "Samsung Fascinate", AT&T has the "Samsung Captivate", Sprint features the "Samsung Epic", a


nd T-Mobile offers the "Samsung Vibrant".

Samsung Galaxy S Variant: Verizon’s Samsung Fascinate

Verizon features two Samsung Galaxy S variant phones: the Samsung Fascinate and Samsung Continuum. There are three basic options for the minutes plan for the Samsung Continuum and each option has the "Friends and Family," which allows users to call any five people on any network in America.

Individual Plan:

  • $39.99-450 minutes.
  • $59.99-900 minutes.
  • $69.99-Unlimited.

Family Plan:

  • 700 minutes-$69.99/month (two lines).
  • 1400 minutes-$89.99/month (two lines).
  • 2000 minutes-$99.99/month (two lines).
  • Unlimited MInutes-$119.99/month (two lines).

Data Rates for Individual and Family plans: $15/150 MB or $29.99 Unlimited Data Access.

Samsung Galaxy S Variant for AT&T: Samsung Captivate

No Commitment Plan: $499.00 (phone without a contract)

Individual Minutes Plan:

  • $39.99/month-450 Minutes.
  • $59.99/month-900 Minutes.
  • $69.99/month-Unlimited.

Family Plan Minutes Plan:

  • $59.99/month-550 minutes (2 lines, $9.99 each additional line, maximum of three).
  • $69.99/month-700 minutes (2 lines, $9.99 each additional line, maximum of five).
  • $89.99/month-1400 minutes (2 lines, $9.99 each additional line, maximum of five).
  • $109.99/month-2100 minutes (2 lines, $9.99 each additional line, maximum of five).
  • $119.99/month-Unlimited (2 lines, $9.99 each additional line, maximum of five).

Data Options for Samsung Captivate Plan:

  • 2GB DataPro with tethering-Unlisted for this phone.
  • 2GB DataPro-$25.00/month.
  • 200MB DataPro-$15.00/month.

Samsung Galaxy S Variant for Sprint: Samsung Epic

Samsung Epic Minute/Data Plan:

  • Simply Everything Plan: $99.99 for Unlimited Everything-text, minutes, web surfing, etc.
  • Simply Everything Family Plan: $189.98/month (for two lines).
  • Everything Data Plan: $69.99/450 minutes including unlimited data usage and texts.
  • Everything Data Family Plan: $129.99/1500 minutes including unlimited data usage, texts, free any mobile to any mobile, unlimited after 7pm, etc.

Samsung Galaxy S Variant for T-Mobile: Samsung Vibrant

Samsung Vibrant Individual Plans:

  • Talk-Text-Unlimited Web-$99.99/month.
  • Talk-Text-200MB Data-$79.99/month.

Recommended Individual Samsung Vibrant Plans: $79.99/month for 500 minutes-unlimited text-unlimited data.

Samsung Vibrant Family Plans

  • Unlimited Everything-$179.99/month (two lines).
  • 1500 Minutes-Unlimited Text-Unlimited Data-$159.99/month (two lines).
  • 750 Minutes-Unlimited Text-Unlimited Data-$139.99/month (two lines).


The Samsung Galaxy S has already become a phenomenon in Europe, but it has also made its way to the United States. Each of the major players are Samsung Galaxy S carriers, which is an accomplishment in its own right. There is the Samsung Fascinate–an incarnation of the Samsung Galaxy S Verizon–the Samsung Captivate, Samsung Epic, and Samsung Vibrant. The Samsung Galaxy S is even offered in Canada, Mexico, and Brazil.


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