Cell Phones AT&T No Contract

Cell Phones AT&T No Contract
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Prepaid options

AT&T offers four different prepaid plans. The first option is to pay $3 a day for unlimited minutes only on days that you use your phone. The second option is to pay $1 per day only on days that you use your phone plus .10 cents a minute. Both of these options include unlimited mobile to mobile calling that would only cost you the daily access fee and not the per minute rate. The third option is to pay .25 cents a minute without mobile to mobile included. The last option is to pay $60 for a month of unlimited talk and text but if it is not renewed within 30 days then the .25 cents a minute plan will apply. There are other options if you are seeking cell phones from AT&T with no contract.

Nokia 2320

The Nokia 2320 is a simple GSM phone with only a few simple features. It does support SMS and MMS text messaging with T9 capabilities, web browsing and a speaker-phone. It has no Bluetooth capabilities and surprisingly it has no volume control. If you buy it full price, $49.99 directly from AT&T it comes with a $25 prepaid card.

Nokia 2720

The Nokia 2720 is a flip phone that offers more than the 2320. It features a speaker-phone, Bluetooth capabilities, a camera and MP3 ring tones. It is $24.99 and comes with a $25 prepaid airtime card.

nokia 2720

Samsung SGH-a107

This Samsung is a basic flip phone that costs $44.99 with a $25 prepaid airtime card. It does have mobile web, instant messaging and text messaging capabilities. However the graphics are non existent if you need to actually use the web.

Samsung SGH a107

Nokia 2330

This Nokia is very plain with unique capabilities. It offers a camera, video recorder and built in FM radio. It has very simple controls and is for the occasional caller. It is priced at $29.99 and comes with a $25 prepaid airtime card. Read our Nokia 2330 review.

nokia 2330

LG CF360

The LG CF360 offers AT&T’s turn-by-turn navigation, maps and traffic alerts. It has a camera, camcorder AT&T mobile music and email services. It is a slim, slide open phone without a full keyboard.

lg cf360

It is $69.99 and comes with a $25 prepaid airtime phone card.

Samsung A177

Samsung offers the newest phone for prepaid services. It offers a full QWERTY keyboard, text messaging, mobile web and instant messaging.

samsung a177

It is the best option for people who like to get the most out of their phone. It will cost you $99.99 and is discounted on-line from its $225 price tag. It also comes with a $25 prepaid airtime phone card.


AT&T offers a variety of GoPhones that can be used without a contract. Nothing too impressive but they get the job done. Many of the phones can be found at different sites for cheaper prices but the $25 prepaid airtime card may make it worth buying the phone at full price. There you have all the options for cell phones from AT&T with no contract. Is there something to suit you?

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