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How to Choose an AT&T iPhone Plan

written by: Stephanie M. Lucas•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 6/18/2010

Need help choosing the best AT&T iPhone plan? Learn what your options are and how to pick from the AT&T iPhone data plans available.

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    Best AT&T iPhone Plans

    iPhone 4 - Image Courtesy of Apple Once you've decided to buy an iPhone, you'll have a few more decisions to make to choose from AT&T iPhone data plans. There is no "best" iPhone plan because each person's needs are different with a wireless service. The best AT&T iPhone data plan for you will depend on a number of factors such as: number of persons that need service, average time spent talking on the phone, average usage of messaging services and type of internet usage. Use the tips below to help you choose your AT&T iPhone plan.

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    AT&T Cell Phone Plan Choices

    To get your iPhone hooked up to a data plan, the first thing you'll need to decide is if you'll be using an individual cell phone plan or a family plan. A family plan allows you to have multiple lines of service on one bill. If you don't have anyone else to provide cell phone coverage for, your choice is easy. You'll only need an individual cell phone plan. If you have one other person (or more) that you wish to provide cell phone coverage for, an AT&T FamilyTalk plan may save you money (when compared to having individual plans for each person). Select the plan that you think will give you enough minutes for daytime cell phone usage (referred to as "anytime minutes"). Keep in mind that most plans offer unlimited minutes for nights and weekends. Also keep in mind that FamilyTalk plan minutes are the total number of anytime minutes allotted for all lines of service on the FamilyTalk plan. Current plan options are as follows (utilize the link to check for availability in your area):

    Individual Cell Phone Plans

    $39.99 - 450 Anytime Minutes, 5000 Nights/Weekends, Unlimited Mobile to Mobile, Rollover

    $59.99 - 900 Anytime Minutes, Unlimited Nights/Weekends, Unlimited Mobile to Mobile, Rollover

    $69.99 - Unlimited Anytime Minutes, Unlimited Nights/Weekends, Unlimited Mobile to Mobile

    FamilyTalk Cell Phone Plans

    $59.99 - 550 Anytime Minutes

    $69.99 - 700 Anytime Minutes

    $89.99 - 1400 Anytime Minutes

    $109.99 - 2100 Anytime Minutes

    $119.99 - Unlimited Anytime Minutes

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    AT&T iPhone Data Plans

    With some phones, data plans are optional. Apple's iPhone, however, is so data intensive that you can't operate the phone without an AT&T iPhone data plan. Many of the functions used on iPhone require use of the internet. Safari, Google Maps, Weather and Stocks are just a few of the built in applications on the phone that require data usage. Popular third-party apps such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter also require data usage.

    AT&T no longer offers unlimited data plans for iPhone. Instead, they have two data plan packages to choose from: Data Pro 2 GB for iPhone and Data Plus 200 MB for iPhone (prices listed below). Choosing a data plan will depend upon the type of data usage that you most commonly use. Email, Facebook and regular internet browsing do not use much data. YouTube, video streaming and downloading typically use large amounts of data. If you won't use your internet for videos and downloads, Data Plus 200 MB for iPhone will probably be sufficient. If you are a big YouTube browser or download items often, Data Pro 2 GB will be your safest bet. Not really sure which type of data you use? AT&T provides a Data Usage Calculator to estimate your monthly data usage.

    AT&T iPhone Data Plan Package Options

    Data Pro 2 GB for iPhone - $25.00/month

    Data Plus 200 MB for iPhone - $15.00/month