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Best Contracts for HTC Desire in UK

written by: •edited by: Wendy Finn•updated: 5/16/2010

If you are looking for the best possible deal on an HTC Desire UK contract then look no further. This article brings you a list of the best HTC Desire contracts from various service providers. Find the best place to get an HTC Desire mobile phone in the UK.

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    HTC Desire UK Contracts

    The HTC Desire is proving to be a hugely popular smartphone in the UK and consequently all of the major service providers are picking it up. There are so many different deals that it can be tough to find the right one for you. This article cuts through the marketing hype to bring you the best HTC Desire contracts. Find the best HTC Desire contract in the UK, based on local deals and internet deals.

    One thing to note before we get started, many cell phone providers will offer online only exclusives. Thus, your local wireless company may or may not be willing to match prices with these deals. If not, you may want to consider looking for online deals, as you may even be able to find promo codes, which could save you even more money. Alternatively, online wireless contracts take longer to process and you will need to wait for your new HTC Desire to ship, where in-store deals allow you to get your new phone immediately.

    If you’re unsure that upgrading your current phone is even worth it, check out our HTC Desire review to find out the top reasons why you should upgrade to the HTC Desire.

    Everyone has different needs when it comes to mobile phone contracts so we’ll divide the best options into various categories.

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    Cheapest HTC Desire UK Contract

    The competition to get you as a wireless customer is fierce out there, and service providers occasionally offer some great deals. The absolute cheapest HTC Desire contract available right now is £17 per month with Three. This is unsurprisingly a low usage contract, so it won’t suit everyone. However, it does have the benefit that you get the HTC Desire handset for free.


    • Three £17 per month (24 months)
    • 100 minutes of talk time or texts (you can use a mixture)
    • Unlimited internet (with a fair usage policy limit of 500MB)

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    HTC Desire Deals

    It's not always the best idea to go direct to the service provider for your phone. Sometimes other companies can actually offer better deals. To give an example, I got my HTC Desire from the Carphone Warehouse. The deal was £30 per month for a free handset and service from Orange.

    Carphone Warehouse - Orange

    • Carphone Warehouse £30 per month (24 months)
    • 500 minutes of talk time (any time any network)
    • Unlimited texts (any time any network)
    • Unlimited internet (with a fair usage policy limit of 500MB)

    In the Orange shop, they couldn’t match that deal and you’d have to pay £35 per month for the same terms.

    You can get another good deal at the Carphone Warehouse for a free HTC Desire at an even cheaper £25 per month, but it's an online only offer.

    Carphone Warehouse – Vodafone

    • £25 per month (24 months)
    • 300 minutes of talk time (any time any network)
    • Unlimited texts (any time any network)
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    Looking for the best deals on HTC Desire wireless phones? This article covers UK based wireless providers, especially the ones that carry the new, popular HTC Desire handset. It's always good to be cautious and do research when purchasing any mobile phone, as contracts and other legal agreements can make deals sound better than they really are. Learn how to find the top UK HTC Desire wireless providers and deals.
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    Heavy Usage and Unlimited HTC Desire Contracts

    If you are a heavy cell phone user who is constantly grafted to your mobile phone, then you’ll want a completely unlimited contract or something close to it. In this section we’ll compare service providers for heavy usage HTC Desire plans.

    O2 has been late to pick up the HTC Desire, and their low end contracts aren’t very attractive – you have to pay at least £40 to get a free handset. Here’s the unlimited contract which does include a free HTC Desire handset.


    • o2 £65 per month (18 months)
    • Unlimited talk time (any time any network)
    • Unlimited texts (any time any network)
    • Unlimited internet (with a fair usage policy limit of 1GB)

    Vodafone doesn't seem to offer a completely unlimited contract. However, like most service providers, they often offer incentives for online orders. Thus, it's worth checking the websites (for example you can get an extra 300 minutes per month on the Vodafone deal below by booking online).


    • Vodafone £40 per month (24 months)
    • 1200 minutes of talk time (any time any network)
    • unlimited texts (any time any network)
    • unlimited internet (with a fair usage policy limit of 500MB)

    T-Mobile have a very limited range of HTC Desire contracts but they do offer a Flexible Booster which lets you tailor it to an extent.


    • T-Mobile £35 per month( 24 months)
    • 1200 minutes of talk time (any time any network)
    • 500 texts (any time any network)
    • Unlimited internet (with a fair usage policy limit of 1GB)
    • Flexible booster (e.g. unlimited texts)
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    Website HTC Desire Deals

    There are a number of comparison websites and mobile phone websites out there that will advertise apparently great deals, but you should be wary. Many of these websites have stock problems so you may end up waiting a long time to get your phone. They also calculate monthly charges based on various cash back schemes and free gift values making it a real pain to get the advertised price in practice. The deals listed here are all from reliable companies and you’ll get your phone right away (unless they state otherwise).

    If you know of any other great deals on the HTC Desire, feel free to leave a comment below.