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Best Samsung Intrepid Accessories

written by: ContessaD•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 12/7/2010

Samsung Intrepid accessories are a dime a dozen on the Internet. To make your device more convenient and stylish, here are some recommended accessories for the Samsung Intrepid.

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    10 in 1 Accessory Bundle

    10 in 1 Accessory Bundle This is a bundle of 10 highly reliable and ultra efficient Samsung Intrepid accessories. With the vehicle charger, users of the Samsung Intrepid can stay connected even while on the road. It fits perfectly with the cigarette lighter port of all vehicles. The premium wall charger, on the other hand, charges the Samsung Intrepid quickly and is compact and lightweight enough for home, travel and business use. The bundle also comes with a USB cable for syncing of data. A collection of 3 Samsung Intrepid cases, namely the rubberized hard case, transparent hard case and a gel skin case. These cases perfectly fit the phone and at the same time provide it with maximum protection against the dings and dents of daily usage. The package also includes a screen guard for LCD protection, stereo hands-free, horizontal holster pouch, and vehicle phone holder. This 10 in 1 bundle sells for $39.99.

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    MicroSDHC 8GB - Professional Kingston

    MicroSDHC 8GB - Professional Kingston This microSD card is specifically made for the Samsung Intrepid. With this device, users will have no problem saving their files like music, photographs and messages on their phone. This removable storage solution is ultra-small and consumes minimal power from the handset, so it won’t compromise the battery life of the Samsung Intrepid. This device is ideal for users who like to share and print their photos using their mobile phone. It is priced at a discounted rate of $12.99.

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    Premium Crystal Clear LCD Screen Protectors - 3 Packs

    LCD Screen Protectors Owners can keep the glossy appearance of their phone's LCD screen with this set of LCD screen protectors. These protectors are custom designed to fit the screen of the Samsung Intrepid. This amazing accessory easily sticks to the LCD screen so users will have no problems in applying this protector to their device. It comes with non-adhesive backing, so there should be no visible residue on the LCD screen just in case the owner peels it off. These 3 packs of screen protectors also come with a cleaning cloth and cost $4.99.

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    Sync and Charge USB Cable - OrionGadgets

    Sync and Charge USB Cable - OrionGadgets This USB cable is a must for Samsung Intrepid users who often find themselves transferring files from their computer to their mobile phone. It will be hassle-free for users to take this USB cable anywhere they go because it is totally lightweight and compact. The cable extends up to 40 inches for more convenient and comfortable usage. Furthermore, it can also serve as a charger cable. At a price of $0.01, this is truly a good buy.

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    Standard Li-Ion Battery

    Standard Li-Ion Battery This standard Li-Ion battery is an ideal replacement or extra battery for the Samsung Intrepid. Owners of the device won’t have to worry about their batteries being drained as long as they have one Lithium-ion battery like this on standby. This is one very handy and lightweight accessory that users can always bring with them to ensure that they are always connected. This is one option among Samsung Intrepid accessories that is really worth having. It costs $10.75.