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Protect Your HTC HD7

written by: •edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 10/27/2010

If you have one of the most beautiful smartphones on the market, it stands to reason that you will want to protect your investment. Here are the 5 best HTC HD7 cases to suit all tastes.

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    Piel Frama Flip Case for HTC HD7

    pielframa Crafted from the highest grade leather, and made by hand, it is no surprise that this Piel Frama Flip Case for HTC HD7, made it into our top 5 list of HTC HD7 cases - it is quality all the way. You've got a quality phone, you want a quality case to protect it, and keep it happy. Made specifically for the HD7 model, it gives an exact fit to the gorgeous form and curves of your HTC smartphone. As well as protecting it with style, the flip style of case, also means that you have quick access to your phone's functions, whenever you need it. This case not only keeps you and your phone happy either, Piel Frama's ethics also mean that Mother Nature is kept happy too - each case conforms to strict legislation in regard to leather products, using biodegradable materials in the tanning and finishing processes.

    At 45GBP, it's not a cheap option, but then again neither was the phone. Piel Frama Flip Case for HTC HD7.

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    Amzer Silicone Skin Jelly Case - Black for HTC HD7

    As one of the best and most beautiful smartphones on the market, the HTC HD7 phone has style to spare. For those of us that preferflexiheildhtc  the style of our phone to do the talking, rather than the addition of a bulky case, the Amzer Silicon Skin Jelly Case, is an ideal option. This HTC HD7 case protects your phone from scratches, and bumps and drops, without taking any of the style away from your phone. The silicone used means that your case has great shock absorbing qualities, as well as being a lightweight option. It also means that the case fits the form of your smartphone easily, whilst still leaving you access to your phone's functions at all times. It is a bargain at under ten dollars from

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    PDair HTC HD7 Leather Flip Case

    pdairhtchd7 The PDair leather flip case for the HTC HD7 smartphone is made specifically for this model phone, so you know you are buying quality from the outset. The leather used is of a high grade and soft inside, so as to protect your phone impeccably from the inside out. As the name suggests it is a case that both protects, and yet can flip open at a moment's notice, allowing you to access your phone with ease. The bonding process, and stitching on the case are made to last, meaning that this case will protect your phone for as long as you own it. Available from, for just 20 GBP/30 USD.

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    Reiko Leather Pouch Protective Case for HTC HD7 & HD2

    For a leather case option that offers all-round protection, this reasonably priced case for the HTC HD7 by Reiko, fits the bill. It isreiko  padded inside, with a soft velveteen lining to keep your phone thoroughly protected from bumps, and scratches at the same time. There is also a belt clip attachment, and 2 belt loops, should you wish to use them. It is made to the exact dimensions of the HD7, offering a snug-fit and superb protection. The only downside to this model is that, while your phone is perfectly protected, accessing your device quickly can be tricky. A well-priced option at under 13 dollars from

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    HTC HD7 TPU Case

    htchd7tpu Made by HTC themselves (imprinted with the logo to prove it), this is a snug fitting case, like the silicone cases we know and love, except that this one is made from Thermoplastic PolyUrethane (TPU). TPU is said to be tougher and more robust than silicone, but offering the same protection. It is made to fit the HTC HD7, protecting it perfectly whilst still leaving access to the necessary functions of volume control, microphone, and charging ports. The more accident prone amongst you should be aware that this model comes with no protection for your smartphone's screen.

    A perfectly priced 10.95 GBP available from htcdirect.

    Whatever your budget, or taste, or depending on just how accident prone you are, there will have been an option for you here, amongst the best HTC HD7 cases.