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Best iPhone Bike Mounts

written by: ContessaD•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 9/25/2010

Individual standards and tastes are at play when buying an iPhone bike mount. The prices of these accessories varies widely and cheaper brands may not be the best. The mount should be bought based on the cyclist's specific needs and wants.

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    Where the Tough Guys Go

    Aficionados of cycling will certainly benefit from the multimedia functions of an iPhone. To derive the most out of its portability, what cyclists need is the best iPhone bike mount.

    Whether it’s for competition or purely recreational and physical fitness purposes, cycling involves hours of riding long distances. Dedicated cyclists often train in rough terrain in all weather conditions. The iPhone bike mount which should be chosen should therefore meet the rigorous demands of the sport.

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    GoRide Bike Mount

    GoRide Bike Mount The GoRide is one iPhone bike mount that meets the demanding conditions of cycling. It is installed on a bike with robust cable ties, ensuring a safe and secure mount. This accessory can be installed in the place most convenient for cyclist access. This feature is very important in terms of convenience and safety for the rider.

    This mount can be installed either vertically or horizontally, depending on the preference of the cyclist. Installation is easy whether a rider wants his or her iPhone mounted on the handlebars, at the stem, seat or top tube. The base of the mount, once installed, allows an iPhone to be snapped on and off the GoRide. This iPhone bike mount sells for $29.95.

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    RAM Mounting System

    RAM Mounting System Easy installation and access is also a major selling point for the RAM Mounting Systems RAP-274-1-AP6U EZ on/off handlebar mount. Though it was primarily designed for handlebar phone mounting, this iPhone bike mount can also be installed in the particular spot preferred by a cyclist.

    The base of this mount is made of a patented, high-strength composite, making it a durable partner to an iPhone. Additionally, this mount is designed to isolate the iPhone from shock and vibration. It is also light in weight and is corrosion-resistant. This product is priced at $14.02.

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    Arkon Bicycle Mount

    Arkon Bicycle Mount For versatile use, the Arkon bicycle mount is a wise choice. This mount can be installed on any type of bicycle. It can also accommodate any iPhone model in its cradle. An Arkon mount is a perfect fit for a bike’s handle bars and can be installed easily with no equipment required.

    Through its swivel system, a cyclist can readily adjust an iPhone for optimal viewing. This mount can also be used on baby strollers and golf carts. For $12.80, the Arkon bike mount is a good buy.

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    Amzer Bicycle Handlebar Mount

    Amzer Bicycle Mount Serious cyclists using several bikes for specific training will be delighted to have an Amzer Bicycle Handlebar Mount which can be transferred easily from one bicycle to another without using any tools. Perfect phone viewing is enabled by this mount’s swiveling head that can be moved left or right or rotated through three hundred and sixty degrees. At $18.02, this iPhone bike mount is a steal.

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    Biologic iPhone Bike Mount

    Biologic Bike Mount The Biologic iPhone bike mount is for cyclists who want all-weather protection for their smartphone. Attached to the handlebars, this mount allows complete weatherproofing and at the same time enables full iPhone access through a touch-sensitive membrane in its casing. It fits most bicycles and goes for $53.97 a piece.