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Best Motorola Droid X Accessories

written by: ContessaD•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 9/14/2010

The evolution of the Droid series has led to the latest, superior Motorola Droid X . This fabulous phone deserves accessories to give it added attraction, protection and functionality. Here are the top Motorola Droid X accessories that are rated highly by truly satisfied users

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    Multimedia Desktop Charger

    MultiMedia Desktop Charger Motorola Droid X accessories include this highly revolutionary Multimedia Desktop Charger by Motorola. This is a simple yet innovative charger that can convert your phone into a top-notch multimedia experience. The desktop charger plays music, displays pictures and movies, works as an alarm clock, shows the time and displays weather info. Simply charge your phone while docked and you are free to leisurely enjoy all the features it offers. Included is a USB cable which is needed to sync your media directly to your PC. A truly must-have accessory that was given a 5 star average rating by Droid X users. It is priced at $44.95.

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    Seidio Innocase Surface

    Seidio Innocase Surface This elegantly sleek Seidio Innocase Surface is another example among Motorola Droid X accessories that was given a 5 star rating by totally satisfied users. The Seidio Innocase measures 1mm thick which does not add any noticeable bulk to your phone. You can still retain the slimness of your device but with maximum shielding from all dirt, scratches, bumps and drops. It also has an extraordinary slide-in feature for fast and easy insertion and removal of its protective surface. This is a totally attractive case with superior cut-outs to allow full access to the phone’s functions. It is priced at $29.95. For more ideas to protect your phone check out the Top Five Motorola Droid X Cases.

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    Standard Battery – Motorola BH5X

    Standard Battery The Standard Battery Motorola BH5X is specially designed for the Motorola Droid X. This spare battery guarantees that your phone will always be powered up and ready. This Li-Ion Polymer battery is a truly reliable accessory with an exceedingly high standard of performance that will be excellent as a replacement or spare battery. This is the pick of Motorola Droid X batteries and customers gave it a high rating of 5 stars. This is priced at $44.95.

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    Blueant Supertooth 3 w/ Bluetooth Speakerphone

    BlueAnt Supertooth 3 Have an exceptional hands-free experience with the Blueant Supertooth 3 with Bluetooth Speakerphone. This is a new modernized and highly sophisticated accessory that provides an ultra safe way of talking on the phone while driving. This comes with loads of features such as “voice prompt” which assists you to connect this device to your phone and upload the address book, a “caller ID” that announces the caller’s name and a “voice answer” wherein it answer calls with your voice without you needing to press any button. It also has a high performance full duplex speaker, digital volume control, auto vibration sensor reconnection and a remarkable choice of 6 different languages. The Blueant Supertooth 3 is the latest in Bluetooth technology and it gained a 5 star rating. It is priced at $109.95.

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    8GB MicroSDHC Card w/ MobileMate Micro Reader

    8GB MicroSDHC The 8GB MicroSDHC Card by Sandisk provides ultra efficient and high storage capacity. You can now store your media files such as videos, music and pictures. This also comes with a MobileMate Micro Reader that provides the ultimate solution for transferring multiple media formats and other files between mobile phones and computers. This is a truly amazing Droid X accessory that is highly rated with 5 stars. This is priced at $39.95 only.