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Transmitting FM with Your iPhone

written by: Arnold Zafra•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 9/1/2010

Want to play your favorite music files in your car while driving? You'll need an FM transmitter to do this. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of iPhone FM transmitters available in the market today so much so that choosing the right device is hard to do. To help you choose check out our top list.

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    iPhone 3G & 3Gs Fm Transmitter with LCD Display

    iPhone 3G & 3Gs Fm Transmitter with LCD Display This iPhone FM Transmitter sports a small profile, is lightweight and offers a convenient, hassle-free wireless connectivity between your iPhone and car stereo. It's easy to use as well and supports your car stereo's frequency from 88.1MHz to 107.9MHz. An added feature is the device's charging capability. So, while listening to your favorite FM station while driving you can be sure that you will have your iPhone fully charged when you reach your destination. (Price: $31.99)

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    Grantwood Technology's FM Transmitter and Car Charger

    Grantwood Technology's FM Transmitter and Car Charger Grantwood Technology's FM transmitter for iPhone also serves as a charging device for your iPhone. If you have the iPhone 4, it is supported as well. Although it's a wired FM transmitter, its cord is designed to stretch and coil back when not in use. The device is compact and is easy to use. The device also offers 3 presets that you can use to save your favorite FM stations. This FM transmitter and charger also comes with a Sticky Pad that you can use on you car's dashboard to prevent your iPhone from sliding or slipping. (Price: $19.99)

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    FlexPod X2 Premium Car Mount System with Auto-Seek Signal Intensifying FM Transmitter & Charger

    FlexPod X2 Premium Car Mount System with Auto-Seek Signal Intensifying FM Transmitter & Charger Aside from its FM Transmitter function, FlexPod X2 is also a car mount system and iPhone charger. It provides superior sound quality and comes with an enhanced FM transmitting chipset with DC surge protection, display and easy to use frequency finder. The device also comes with a hands-free audio port that allows you to answer calls via hands-free mode and the music will automatically fade allowing you to take the call. The FM transmission fades in as soon as the call is ended. What's good about this iPhone FM Transmitter is that the audio, whether music or voice calls, is outputted on your car's speaker so you don't need a Bluetooth headset anymore, even when taking calls. This device plugs in to your car's cigarette lighter socket. (Price: $34.99)
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    Monster iCarPlay Wireless 250 FM Transmitter with AutoScan

    Monster iCarPlay Wireless 250 FM Transmitter with AutoScan The Monster iCarPlay Wireless 250 offers an easy way to listen to your iPhone on any car's FM radio, be it in your own car, your friend's car or even when renting a car. It sends a wireless audio signal that plays over the FM radio of the car you are in. The device gets its power supply from your car through the car lighter socket. When listening to music, the device outputs its audio on your car's speaker system. It has a mechanism that reduces sound interference so you get high-quality audio playback all the time. The device also outputs a line-level audio signal which minimizes sound distortion. It is also equipped with Monster's AutoScan 3D technology that scans the spectrum three times and gets the clearest FM frequency. The device also allows you to use 3 presets to program the playback of your iPhone's music. (Price: $28.99)

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    iLuv i707BLK v1.4 FM Transmitter

    iLuv i707BLK v1.4 FM Transmitter The iLuvi707BLK iPhone FM Transmitter has a white backlit LCD display that lets you clearly see the frequency on your car's radio. It comes with swivel design dock adapters and an extension connector and it uses your car's lighter socket for power. (Price:$36.93)