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Best HTC EVO Accessories

written by: Shawn Drew•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 5/19/2011

You are going to need quality accessories to help you take care of your HTC EVO phone. Here are six of the best HTC EVO accessories available in the market. These items will definitely give you an easy and simple way to maintain the quality of your phone.

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    Your HTC EVO experience is not complete until you deck out your device with a full assortment of accessories. Listed here we have some of the best HTC EVO accessories that will allow you to maintain the performance of your phone, as well as protect it from dirt, scratches and the elements. These accessories will protect your HTC EVO, help you make calls, charge your device and even allow you to store more information, like apps or videos.

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    HTC EVO Callpod Dragon Wireless Bluetooth Headset


    This Bluetooth headset lets you talk on your HTC EVO phone without the use of your hands. It's very efficient whether you're moving around your home or your office, and even when you're driving in your car. Without carrying your phone, you can freely move around while talking on your phone thanks to the headset's 300 foot range. It even connects with your computer, letting you switch between a mobile phone call and a Skype call, all with the ease of just pressing a button. With any type of call, you are assured of having crystal clear voice quality thanks to the headset's advanced dual mic noise suppression technology. Additionally, with its sleek design and finish, you can comfortably use it all day. You can also use this Bluetooth headset with other phones as long as they have Bluetooth capability. [Buy Now]

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    SanDisk 16GB Universal MicroSD Mobile Memory Kit


    If you need more room in your HTC EVO phone, you can't go wrong by extending its memory with the largest capacity size allowed. With 16GB of memory, this microSD card gives you more room for your documents, music, videos, photos and any other kind of files. This will easily make your HTC EVO phone your own personal office assistant or your portable entertainment center. If you need to transfer files between your HTC EVO phone and other devices, you don't have to worry about compatibility because this microSD card includes adapters for SD, microSD and miniSD slots on different devices. You don't have to worry about quality either because SanDisk is a trusted name in flash memory card manufacturing. [Buy Now]

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    Skinomi Techskin HTC EVO 4G Screen Protector

    EVO protector 

    Utilizing the same film material used to protect cars, aircrafts and even space shuttles, the Skinomi Techskin screen protector makes sure that your HTC EVO screen is well protected from dust, scratches and normal wear-and-tear. It also offers one of the clearest films available, giving your screen protection without obstructing your visibility. The package includes a bottle of application solution and an installation squeegee. [Buy Now]

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    Amzer 3500 mAh Backup Solar Charger

    Solar Charger 

    Aside from being able to charge your HTC EVO phone, this solar charger can also charge other devices like MP3 players, GPS devices, Bluetooth headseats and digital cameras. As you can probably tell from the name, its main feature is to use sunlight to charge the included rechargeable polymer lithium-ion battery. However, you can also charge the battery through your computer via a USB connection, an AC adapter or a car charger. Cables for these alternative sources of charging power are already included so you don't have to buy additional accessories to use the additional charging options. Not only is this charger convenient, efficient and easy to carry around, but it's also environmentally friendly. You're almost always assured that you can charge the rechargeable battery wherever you go, so this is perfect for emergency situations or long trips. [Buy Now]

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    Seidio Innocase II Surface Case

    Seidio Innocase This hard yet flexibile case is a great way to protect your HTC EVO 4G from all manner of dings, dents and scratches. The Innocase is about 1 mm thick, meaning that it won't ruin the profile of your EVO when you have it on. This case is designed precisely for the EVO 4G, which means that once you slide your smartphone in, you will have access to all the ports and buttons on your device. The case also has cutouts on the back for your camera and flash, which means there is really never a reason to take it off. Best of all, the case comes with a kickstand on the back, letting you prop the device up to watch movies or just to see the screen easier. [Buy Now]

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    Auto Vent Holder with Car Charger

    auti vent 

    This Auto Vent Holder with Car Charger is made of rubber material which serves as a thick pad around the holder to prevent potential scratches to your HTC EVO phone. With this product, you can charge your phone while in the car because it is packed with a car charger using the high end TipExchange Technology of the Gomadic Brand. It is also designed with three different vent mount systems to hold your cell phone in place, while promoting a stylish look. You can choose the perfect place where you can clearly glance at your HTC EVO screen while driving. [Buy Now]

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