Best Samsung Wave Cases

Best Samsung Wave Cases
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Top 5 Samsung Wave Cases

So you have bought your new Samsung Wave and spent the whole day customizing it, transferring your contact and message data to it and installing applications on it. Now what? You should now fortify your Samsung Wave against dirt and smudges and protect it from bumps and falls. Now is the time to buy a case for your Samsung Wave.

Here is a list of the top 5 cases available for the Samsung Wave currently.

Samsung Wave DW Black Horizontal Pouch

dwblackwaveThe DW horizontal pouch is a nice way to keep your Wave protected. It is made of genuine leather and stitched to ensure durability. It looks great and can easily cushion your phone from falls and bumps. It has a magnetic flap which prevents your phone from falling out while providing fast and easy access. You can attach it to your belt using the belt clip. It’s a stylish accessory which protects your phone from dirt and stains.

It retails for $9.99 and is available at Only the Wave Accessories

Wave Guardian Pull-E Slip Case for Samsung Wave


The Wave Guardian Pull E slip case is a stylish case for your Samsung Wave. It can be used with many phones, including the Google Nexus One. It is available in black and red and is made of artificial leather. It has a soft velvet interior which keeps your phone safe and acts as a cushion against bumps and falls. The velvet cover prevents any scratches. It has a pull slip which you can use to pull out your phone from the case easily.

It is available for $22.99 at Amazon

Sena Elega Case for Samsung Wave


The Sena Elega case is actually a premium quality slip pouch for your Samsung Wave. It provides an excellent fit for the Wave and has a built in rotating clip which you can use to attach it to your belt or pocket in any orientation. It has shock absorbent padding which protects your phone from bumps and falls and a velvet lining to protect the display from scratches.

It looks slim and elegant but is a bit expensive at 34.95 GBP. You can get it at Mobile Fun

Orbit Flex Krusell Leather case for Samsung Wave


The Orbit Flex Krusell Leather case is a superb leather case for your Samsung Wave. It comes with a detachable cover which flips onto the Wave’s display protecting it from scratches and dirt. It allows you access to all the ports and buttons. It comes with a clip to attach the case to your belt.

It is one of the most functional cases for the Wave and looks stylish as well. You can get it for 20.47 GBP at Mobile Fun

Silicone Case for Samsung Wave


This is a simple silicone case for your Samsung Wave. It’s a plain old silicone case which has openings for the buttons, the display and the camera lens. It is cheap but provides adequate protection against bumps and falls. It allows you to operate the phone without removing the phone from the case but leaves your display unprotected.

You can get it for $10 at PDair