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7 Diverse Samsung Gravity Cases

written by: Shanna James•edited by: Wendy Finn•updated: 8/10/2011

The Gravity Smart Phone's features may appeal to your needs and desires and as a result you have invested in, or are planning on investing in, one. Such a valuable commodity needs protection and the following article will provide you with a list of Samsung Gravity Smart cases to suit your needs.

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    Defend Your Samsung Gravity

    Today, phones are so popular and a “must-have” necessity for almost everyone. Samsung has been known as a provider of quality high-tech electronic devices and one such device is the Gravity Smart Phone.

    There are various cases that are specifically suitable for a Samsung Gravity Smart phone. By providing you with a list of some of these cases, hopefully you will find one particular case that appeals to your style and needs. I will also provide you with the purchase link to these cases within our references section.

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    Samsung Smart Rubberized Black Cover

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    Samsung Gravity Smart Rubberized case 

    These Gravity Smart rubberized cases are great for overall protection. They are made specifically to fit your Smart and are installed in two parts. There is a front and back snap on that can slip on easily over your phone's original shell and all the necessary cut outs are left open to facilitate the use of ports and buttons. In essence, you will not hinder your phone's functionality while the case is installed. You can have this Samsung Smart Rubberized case for the sale price of $8.99, which is a mark down from $24.99.

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    Horizontal Cell Phone Pouch - Gravity Smart

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    Samsung Gravity Smart Eclipse 2 Horizontal Cell Phone Pouch This pouch provides you with full cover protection. It has a low falling front flap that tightly holds in your Gravity Smart Phone. It will help to shield your phone from dust and dirt while giving you the suave appearance of a business mogul. You can purchase this case for $9.99.

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    Two-Piece Rubberized Plastic Case

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    Samsung Gravity SMART Two-Piece Rubberized Plastic Case This two-piece rubberized plastic case is a sturdy polycarbonate material that protects your phone from scratches, scrapes and dents. The case is also conveniently designed to allow access to key openings on the phone. The two-piece rubberized plastic case is available in black, blue, red, pink and purple. You can purchase this two-piece Samsung Gravity Smart case for only $9.95.

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    Transparent Plastic Phone Cover

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    Samsung Gravity SMART Transparent Plastic Phone Cover This transparent plastic phone cover protects your phone as well as showing off the Gravity Smart's design. The durable plastic shelters your phone from scratches, scrapes and dents. This case also has the correct openings so that you can have access to your phone’s features. This case for your Samsung Gravity Smart is affordable at the purchase price of $9.95.

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    Rubberized Black Snap-on Faceplate

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    Rubberized Black Snap-on Faceplate for Samsung Gravity Smart This two piece black snap-on case is stylishly useful as a protective cover for your Samsung Gravity Smart phone. The rubberized black snap-on faceplate is made of durable ABS plastic. It has the ability to shield against scratches, dents and dust so that your Samsung Gravity Smart phone remains new and fresh. It has a matte coating that is smooth and silky to touch, and it also gives your phone a distinct look. Its non-slip grip allows for a firm and comfortable hold. This case is easy to use -- just snap the front and back over your phone -- and it also has convenient openings to allow for full access of your phone’s features or ports.

    The case is light weight and is also shock resistant. In addition, it is available in various colors: pink, green, blue, purple and orange etc. This quality smart case is a little more expensive and can be purchased for $12.99

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    UniPro Beige Leather Carrying Case

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    UniPro Beige Leather Carrying Case for Samsung Gravity Smart The Unipro Beige Leather Carrying case provides your Gravity Smart phone with full coverage protection. The Unipro is made out of genuine leather for durability and a distinguished look. Its inside contains delicate neoprene fabric. This guards against bumps and scratches and the case is also shock resistant. The case also contains a magnetic closing flap that helps to shield your phone inside the case. It also has a fixed belt clip that allows you to carry around your phone on your person. This quality case for your Samsung Gravity Smart retails for $13.99.

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    Vertical Executive Universal Leather Case – Black

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    Vertical Executive Universal Leather Case - Black This is another case that protects your smart phone with style. It also contains a magnetic closing flap that secures your phone and allows for easy access. The case protects against scratches, scrapes and dents. You can also carry your phone around on your person. The case has a fixed metal belt clip that can fasten itself on your belt or back-pack etc. You can purchase this leather Smart case for $29.95.

    Take into account the way you will be using your phone before you make a final decision on which is the best case for you. It's often the case that the one that appeals to your most may not be the right one to offer the protection you need, as we all use and store our phones in different ways.