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Gucci Designer iPhone Cases for iPhone 4

written by: Claudine Baugh•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 4/4/2011

Here is a round up of attractive genuine Gucci designer cases for iPhone 4. We feature the Gucci pouch cases with the fabric finish and a few guccisssima (textured print) leather designs.

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    Gucci Slide Pouch Cases

    Gucci slide pouch cases are simple sturdy designs with easy handling and they offer good protection for your iPhone 4 smartphone. They come in a variety of styles for many specific needs; there is the fabric finish Gucci print case design and the popular patented guccissimo leather design cases. Take a look at our featured Gucci designer cases for iPhone 4.

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    Black Guccissima Leather Gucci Pouch Case

    This black Gucci pouch case has an attractive guccissima leather finish and the Gucci signature green and red web tag adorns the upper side.Genuine Gucci Black  This featured design has the added protective double layered flip strap to keep your phone in place. Also, it has a smooth padded chamois lining inside the case to hold the iPhone 4 smartphone gently and protect it from hard-hitting impact as well as preserve your phone's cosmetic features. The guccissima leather is easy to clean and very durable.

    Here we have a few black Guccissima leather Gucci pouch cases from which you can choose.

    Black Leather Gucci Pouch Case $80.85 - [Purchase Link]

    Black Leather Gucci Pouch Case $36.99 - [Purchase Link]

    Classic Black Leather Gucci Pouch Case $40 - [Purchase Link]

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    Silver Guccissima Leather Pouch Case

    This is one of the more striking Gucci cases available for the iPhone 4 smartphone. It is made of shiny,Silver Guccissima Leather  silver, patented, guccissima leather and has a soft slightly padded cushion lining interior which holds your iPhone securely while keeping it safe and protected from any kind of hard hitting impact. Additionally, its design has a layered leather flip strap for added protection and style.

    Silver Guccissima Leather for $80.85 – [Purchase Link]

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    Gucci Print Pouch Case

    This handcrafted Gucci print pouch case is designed for the iPhone 4 smartphone. It has a sleek design, gucci case fabric finish with soft protective chamois lining and padded form fitting structure inside and a double layered leather flip strap to securely hold the device in place. The secure composition of the inside of this case only allows for the device, iPhones with sleeves and other coverings will not fit into this case.

    Here we have a couple of Gucci print pouch cases from which you can choose.

    Gucci Print Pouch Case $66.78 - [Purchase Link]

    Gucci Print Pouch Case $150 - [Purchase Link]

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    Gucci designer cases for the iPhone 4 smartphone are limited and they lack the versatile designs and functionality of many other brands, however, they offer quality, durability and very attractive styles. Through meticulous research we have found a great selection of designer cases for the iPhone 4 that Gucci has to offer. Check out our purchase links and find them in stores near to you or order them online - the prices are included for your convenience, however, they are likely to change in different seasons.

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