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HTC Inspire 4G Accessories

written by: Shawn Drew•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 5/19/2011

A list of the best accessories currently available for the HTC Inspire 4G. No smartphone is complete without a few essential accessories to make using the phone easier, so use this list to find the right accessories for you.

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    The Best HTC Inspire 4G Accessories

    The release of the HTC Inspire 4G allows AT&T customers to access blazing-fast 4G speeds on a solid Android device. But once you have picked up the phone, you may feel that your smartphone experience just isn't complete. To round out your needs, you will have to buy a couple of HTC Inspire accessories, but with so many out there choosing the right ones could be a chore. To help you out, I have rounded up a handful of the best accessories available for the HTC Inspire 4G.

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    Arkon Universal Car Mount

    Arkon Mount 

    Driving in your car while trying to use your HTC Inspire 4G can be a hair-raising experience, so let the Arkon Universal car mount do some of the work for you. This low-profile mount comes with both a windshield mount and a dashboard mounting disc, giving you a lot of flexibility when it comes to placing the mount in your car. The cushioned grips are adjustable so it will perfectly hold your Inspire 4G whether you have a case on the device or not. If you need to use your Inspire in your car, then purchase the Arkon Universal Mount here.

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    SanDisk 32GB Memory Card

    Sandisk 32GB 

    When you have a device that can handle multimedia like the HTC Inspire 4G does, the paltry 4 GB of onboard memory doesn't come close to what you'll need. Ensure that you have the maximum allowable storage space on your Inspire by purchasing a 32 GB memory card. SanDisk is the industry leader, so you can be sure that the card is a quality product, and the software that comes with the card helps you transfer audio and video files to and from the card. Don't get caught without enough storage space, get the SanDisk 32GB Memory Card here.

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    Skinomi TechSkin - Dark Wood

    Dark Wood TechSkin 

    When you need the protection of a case, but you don't want to add any bulk to your HTC Inspire 4G, the best accessory for you is the Skinomi TechSkin protective film. This .1mm thick film goes all around your Inspire, protecting it from dings and scratches without adding any noticeable bulk. Better still, the skin comes with a wood finish, making the back of your device look like it was made of high-quality wood. The Skinomi TechSkin case also comes with a screen protector, to keep the large touchscreen scratch and dent free. When you decide to protect your device in style, you can purchase the Skinomi Techskin - Dark Wood here.

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    Sony Ericsson MW600 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

    Sony Headphones 

    Bluetooth headsets have slowly taken over the mobile headset market, and rightfully so as Bluetooth technology works so well with mobile devices. The Sony Ericsson MW600 allows you to connect any 3.5mm headset to a Bluetooth adapter, which you can then connect to your HTC Inspire 4G. This allows you to use your headphones without being tied down to your Inspire with a cord. To top it off, the MW600 also contains an FM radio, using the headphone cord as an antenna. Get high quality sound without being tied to your Inspire by getting the Sony Ericsson MW600 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones here.

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    HTC Standard Battery for HTC Inspire 4G

    Inspire Battery 

    Your HTC Inspire 4G is capable of handling so much multimedia, you may find yourself running out of battery power very quickly. A backup battery may just be one of the best HTC Inspire 4G accessory purchases that you can make, as it enables you to stay connected once the original battery runs out. While there may be a handful of "extended" batteries out there, they provide only a tiny amount of additional power, and you'll find that the HTC-branded battery will remain at peak capacity for many months longer than an off-brand. Always keep your Inspire working by purchasing the HTC Inspire 4G Standard Battery here.

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    Retractable Car Charger

    Retractable Car Charger 

    The thin form factor of modern smartphones, like the Inspire 4G, means that batteries have to be as thin as possible, causing them to run out after only a few hours of use. These days, if your going to spend any part of your day in a car, one of the best accessory purchases you can make is a car charger. A car charger allows you to keep your Inspire charged all day, without having to search for an outlet or a safe place to leave your phone. This retractable car charger also prevents tangled wires from taking over the front of your car. If you need to keep your Inspire powered, while you are on the go, then purchase the Retractable Car Charger here.

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    iHome IMH79B Mini Stereo Speaker System

    iHome Stereo Speaker 

    These two mini stereo speakers pack a huge sound into a tiny case and let you enjoy multimedia from your Inspire 4G just about anywhere. The two speakers connect together with magnets to make moving them around a breeze. Once they are separated, each speaker extends up to reveal a small vacuum bass system, allowing these speakers to produce a sound much larger than you would expect. You can't enjoy movies or music on your Inspire 4G without the right equipment, so purchase the iHome IMH79B Mini Stereo Speaker System here.

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    Motorola CommandOne Bluetooth Headset


    The CommandOne headset is one of the latest Motorola Bluetooth wireless headsets released by mobile industry giant, Motorola. This lightweight Bluetooth headset allows you to make and receive calls on your Inspire 4G without ever taking the device out of your pocket. The CommandOne features CrystalTalk technology to cut down on the background noise, allowing the other party to hear you loud and clear. Best of all, the headset comes with the MotoSpeak application, which will read your text messages to you and allow you to dictate a response. If you want to text with your phone safely tucked inside your pocket, you can get the Motorola CommandOne Bluetooth Headset here.

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