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Best Motorola Atrix 4G Cases

written by: Shawn Drew•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 6/14/2011

Whether you own a Motorola Atrix 4G yourself or you are looking for a great gift idea, these cool Motorola Atrix cases might just be what you are looking for.

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    A device like the Motorola Atrix 4G is a pretty sweet smartphone, so why in the world would you risk tarnishing it, or worse, by carrying the device around without a protective case? There are dozens of Motorola Atrix cases out there, so finding the right one may be a little difficult. This list is designed to help you narrow down your choices to just a few quality cases that fit both your style and your pocket book. Every type of Atrix 4G case is available here, so you are sure to find something you like. Once you get done finding the right case, you may also want to find the perfect accessory for your Atrix.

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    The Argyle High Gloss Soft Gel Skin Case

    This trendy Argyle case from Amzer fits perfectly on a Motorola Atrix 4G phone. Its reinforced high-gloss, soft gel finish is both fashion forward and extremely durable. It allows easy access to all of the buttons on your device yet keeps it protected against bumps and scrapes. The textured finish stops your Motorola phone from sliding on slippery surfaces. With a fashion forward Motorola Atrix case like this do not be surprised if you are stopped on a frequent basis with inquiries as to where you got it.

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    Wrap Your Motorola Atrix 4G Phone in Luxurious Leather

    This luxurious leather case holster is by Cellet Bergamo and can be yours just a few dollars. This handy holster harnesses the power of your Motorola Atrix 4G phone by keeping it close at hand on your waistband or belt. Your Motorola phone stays protected from the bumps and scratches that life can throw at you. With its spring belt clip firmly attached to your waistband you could probably dance the night away and still have your trusty Atrix 4G phone firmly planted at your side. Made from long lasting high quality leather, this is one Motorola case that can definitely take whatever you can dish out.

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    Lovely Leather Case

    If you love the look and feel of leather, this gorgeous leather case pouch by Hedocell is perfect for your Motorola Atrix 4G. It comes complete with two removable clips and can be yours for just a few dollars. The case originally sold for $29.99 so it is a steal of a deal for high quality leather. One of the removable clips allows you to swivel your phone 360 degrees while the other one is stationary, allowing you to choose how you would prefer to hold the case. If you prefer to not use the clips, the clip mount on your phone case is easily removable. Your smartphone will stay completely protected front and back thanks to the magnetic closure on your leather case. With style this gorgeous and at this price you can definitely afford to pick up more than just one of these Motorola Atrix cases.

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    Waterproof Wonder Case

    If you want to keep your Motorola Atrix 4G phone clean and dry this Gomadic phone case is just the ticket. It is made from powerful waterproof fibers that allow your device to remain completely protected. Your phone stays UV protected and free from scratches in this handy transparent Motorola Atrix case. If you should happen to drop your phone case in the water it will float. If submersed your phone will stay waterproof up to a depth of 65 feet. With its clear front window you can still continue to use your phone and access its buttons without taking your Motorola phone out of its case each time you need to make a phone call, making it the perfect case for using your smartphone in less than ideal conditions.

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    Rubberized Green Goddess Snap-on Case

    If you love fun and fabulous Motorola Atrix cases, consider this gorgeous green snap on case. The Empire neon green rubberized case snaps easily onto your phone for superior protection. It is scratch resistant and extremely durable yet still provides easy access to all of your phone's buttons. The neon green is so bright and beautiful that it makes a great color coordinated case to go with your spring and summer wardrobe choices. Great for guys or gals, this is one case that is sure to draw compliments. With its wild child good looks, this rubberized case will definitely keep your Motorola Atrix 4G phone completely protected.

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    OtterBox Defender Series

    The OtterBox Defender Series has made a name for itself as one of the best ways to secure your device from accidental damage. The OtterBox case is made from high-impact plastics so that minor dings will not even show up on the case, much less the device.The case also comes with a silicone skin and a membranes to protect the screen and camera, allowing you full use of the device even when it is fully protected. Since your ports are a weak point in your device's defenses, the OtterBox case comes with silicone plugs to ensure that random dirt and liquid don't creep up inside your device. If you are looking for complete protection in a Motorola Atrix 4G case, this is your answer.

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    Jewel Studded Pouch

    No list of Motorola Atrix cases would be complete without the obligatory over-the-top jeweled case. If you want other people to be able to see your phone case coming from a few miles away, this pouch is for you. The horizontal pouch features a magnetic closure mechanism and includes a few extra slots so that you can carry cash or credit cards with your phone. The inside of the pouch is lined with suede so your Atrix will be safe from scratches. However, the best part, and main selling feature, of the case is the random assortment of jewels that cover the outside, reflecting light all over the room. If you want your phone's case to scream "Look at me!," then you know what case to purchase.

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