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Best Cases for iPhone 2G

written by: Natalie Hill•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 1/30/2011

Most of us with iPhones quickly realise it's definitely a good idea to protect our beautiful, sleek and expensive devices from the inevitable scratches they will get over their lifetime. With that in mind here is a round up of the best cases for the iPhone 2G.

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    Choices, Choices, Choices: iPhone 2G Cases

    Choosing an iPhone case is not an easy or quick decision. It will either enhance or change the whole look of your iPhone, as well as the possibility of adding bulkiness. First thing to consider is what are your needs? Will you be mainly pulling it in and out of your pocket, in which case a hard shell to stop the cover sliding off may be your best bet. Or will you be putting it safely in your handbag and using it with a dock, where a silicone based slip on cover may be best. On the other hand, if you will be using iPhone headphones with it a lot, a case which holds them together may be best.

    Whatever your individual use is, here are the best iPhone 2G cases.

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    DLO Jam Jacket Silicone Case

    DLO Jam Jacket Silicon Case The most popular of all cases for the iPhone is the silicone based, easy slip on/off case with the soft but gripable outer cover. They tend to come in a range of colours, which doesn't always work as they can be slightly translucent and the iPhone colour will show through the lighter ones. However, the DLO Jam Jacket in black is form fitting with slip protection, cut outs for headphones, charging and speaker and it looks great. What is different about this silicone case is that it provides an integrated cord management for your headset so you can keep the two together but tangle free which is an issue for most headphone users.

    You can purchase this for $8.97 from Amazon.

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    Slider Case by Incase

    Slider Case The Slider Case by Incase is sleek, durable and scratch resistant. Consisting of hardshell plastic with interior rubber to absorb shocks with a removable bottom for easy docking this case is ideal for those who want absolute protection with minimal casing and thickness. The usual camera, charger, sleep, headphone and speaker cut outs all apply to this well designed protective case. With the thickness being minimal and its glossy black design, people will be forgiven for thinking you actually have the 3G version whilst this case is used.

    You can purchase this for $34.95 from Goincase.

    Note; We did feature the Otterbox here, but after emailing the maker we were told that the iPhone 2G cases have been discontinued.

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    Griffin Hard Shell Leather Case

    Griffin 6219-IPHELNFMB Hard Shell Leather Case The Griffin case has a shatter proof polycarbonate inner shell that surrounds your iPhone and the outer layer is smooth top grain leather to avoid sticking and pulling when in your pocket. As well as protecting the shell of your iPhone it also comes with a static peel screen protector which is a must to prevent scratches on the touchscreen. The overall look compliments the iPhone well and with the quality shell will last close to, if not for the lifetime of your iPhone.

    You can purchase this for $3.99 from Amazon.

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    Black Flip Leather Case

    Black Flip Leather Case This black flip case is an intuitive design giving complete protection for the iPhone in a slim fit hard leather casing which flips open to expose the touchscreen. When closed the charging and headphone ports are accessible and as an all round case it looks great. Anyone looking for simple, yet stylish, iPhone 2G cases should check this out.

    You can purchase this for $9.99 from Amazon.

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    Soft Polycarbonate Slim Fit

    Soft Polycarbonate Slim fit Case This is one of the slimmest cases of its kind, like the Griffin it is made from polycarbonate and is shatter proof. The case itself has a few contradictions, it is a hard case, yet has a soft feel and not a plastic feel. With its soft outer cover, it is shock resistant to an extent, I wouldn't recommend testing this though! As expected, you have full access to all of the iPhone controls and if you're looking for a protective case which is durable without adding weight and you want to enhance the appearance of your iPhone 2G, this is the case for you. As with most cases you will also need a screen protector.

    You can purchase this for $6.97 from Amazon.

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    If you have any iPhone 2G cases you'd recommend just leave a comment.