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Best iPhone Cases by Artists

written by: •edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 1/20/2011

For the best iPhone cases by artists, check out these stunning creations.

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    iPhone Cases by Artists

    iPhone cases by artists are the latest and hottest trend to hit the cellular phone market. Your phone might have some zing but if it don't have the bling, what have you really got? For some of the absolute coolest iPhone cases around, check out these amazing artists' creations.

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    A Refreshing Artist Created iPhone Case

    If you want an artist created iPhone case that will stop people dead in their tracks, then you have to check out this Coca Cola inspired case from Etsy. With its beautiful red and white crystals, it is a true show stopper. Just as refreshing as its namesake , this gorgeous iPhone case is a true one of a kind. You are going to have to get used to envious onlookers asking you where you got it. What a fabulous work of art. Created by Bling4Ever, it retails for only $60.00.

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    Sushi Spectacular Artist iPhone Case

    Another terrific find on is this CoolBeans717 creation of sumptuous Sushi for only $20.00. Quirky and cool, this yummy creation is one of CoolBeans717's neatest artist inspired iPhone cases to date. You cannot help but smile when you see it. It is delectably delicious and yet is 100% calorie free. Do not be surprised if you start eating sushi more often though. It will be kind of hard not to when you have this tempting creature in your grasp.

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    Hello Kitty Inspired Artist iPhone Case

    This absolutely breathtaking Hello Kitty inspired iPhone Case by IceCreamCandy New York retails for $185.00 on With its use of vintage charms and beautiful baubles it truly is one of a kind and a real show stopper. Shades of pink, ivory, and berry adorn this idyllic iPhone case. Careful when using it in the sunlight though, because with this much bling you are liable to blind someone.
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    Goth Skull Artist iPhone Case

    Get your groove on with this Goth Skull artist iPhone case by ChokoBling on Etsy for $72.99. With hearts, skulls, and crossbones this artist created iPhone case is perfect for your favorite rocker chick. Bad to the bone and totally gnarly, this iPhone case will have her rocking in the free world with admiring glances all around her.
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    Royalty Inspired Artist iPhone Case

    For a totally unique creation, RoyalRiche's RitchBitch is available on Etsy for $200.00. With bling of every sort imaginable, you can show off your designer style when you sport this lovely iPhone case around town. Do not be alarmed when paparazzi start following you. With an artist iPhone case like this, they will just assume you are a Hollywood star. You will have to get used to ducking in behind bushes or stopping to sign autographs when you are caught carrying this stunning creation. Do not let the attention go to your head though. If you start acting like a diva, they will blame it on your iPhone case.

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