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Cheap iPhone Knock Offs

written by: luis84•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 5/26/2011

A showdown between the iPhone and the unfaithful iPhone clones. iPhone copies have many of the same features of the original iPhone and some new features, similar looks and a much lower price tag! It is almost hard to make the decision when looking at the best of the bunch. iPhone or iClone?

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    iClones Attack As with every great idea throughout history, it is not long before it is stolen, copied and modified. The iPhone is no exception to the rule. The iPhone, regardless of how it got to be what it is today, is an incredibly original and ground-breaking smartphone. Like it or not, the iPhone set a new standard for smartphones. There are plenty of iPhone clones emerging, the majority of them are Chinese in origin. While most are nothing more than failed attempts, a few actually do a decent job.

    There are many different factors which make the iPhone the smartphone that it is. Not just the physical appearance, but the functionality. The core operating system of the iPhone is what creates the fluent, secure and easy to use experience that so many users love. These iPhone clones have made a valiant effort to copy the appearances, but can they copy the functionality? Let's take a look at the Top Five iPhone Clones.

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    Top Five - Meizu M8

    Meizu M8 A quick look at the Meizu M8 will reveal it is an almost identical clone of the iPhone. The Meizu M8 features a large 3.4-inch screen and a single button on the front, very similar to the iPhone. Unlike the iPhone the Meizu M8 has a removable battery, located under the back casing, accompanied by a standard SIM slot. The large display is beautiful, running at 720x480 pixels, with full support for multi-tap and multi-tap gestures such as pinch zoom. The Meizu M8 comes pre-loaded with software to playback music and video, supporting all of the major formats including MP3, WMA & Flac. The M8 utilizes the Opera browser which works fairly well, although, it is no Safari. The M8 sports a 3.2 megapixel camera, capable of 2048X1536 pixel pictures and standard VGA video. Much like the iPhone, there is no flash for the camera. The M8 is fairly true to the iPhone style with a built-in accelerometer, proximity sensor and full Bluetooth support. The interface mimics the iPhone with some minor changes, features are about the same as well.

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    CiPhone K33

    CiPhone K33 Looking at the CiPhone K33, it's quite hard to tell that it's not an iPhone. Everything about the CiPhone is designed to mimic the iPhone, from the packaging up through the software interface. The CiPhone K33 features a 3.5 inch LCD touch-screen. The K33 is a single SIM, Quad-band GSM phone 850/900/1800/1900MHZ. The CiPhone K33 features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.0 support. The CiPhone K33 is one of the true iPhone clones, mimicking most of the iPhone's features including slide to unlock and shake to shuffle. The CiPhone K33 comes with ten free games, a music player, video player and several other standard applications. This iPhone clone supports fifteen different languages and it runs an intuitive Java based interface. All the accessories including the dock and headphones mimic the iPhone's; making the CiPhone K33 one of the best iPhone clones in both appearance and functionality.

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    iphone wkeyboard The E2000 looks very much like an iPhone when in the closed position. However, a quick slide of the phone reveals a full keyboard hidden beneath the 3.2" TFT touch-screen. In many ways the E2000 is nothing more than a conceptual iPhone, sporting all of the speculated features from iPhone fans. Features such as dual camera lens (front and back), full QWERTY keyboard and Analog TV Support (Built-in Antenna) for NTSC, PAL, SECAM. The E2000 comes with all the standard features as well, including Wi-Fi support, Bluetooth support, slide to unlock and shake to shuffle. It is worth noting that the E2000 is fully unlocked and supports Dual SIM cards (Working or Standby). The E2000 also has a built-in FM radio and full support for Java applications. The biggest disappointment of the E2000 is the lack of internal storage, with only 20MB of on-board memory. Luckily the E2000 includes a free 2GB TF card, which is most certainly necessary.


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    M9 iPhone Imitation

    M9 iPhone Imitation The M9 is one of the most attractive and functional iPhone clones available. The M9 looks great, borrowing the basic iPhone appearance and adding a modern touch. The M9 has a beautiful 3.2" touch-screen display. The M9 also supports all of the major iPhone features including, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS. As one of the iPhone clones, the M9 does a nice job at imitating the iPhone's basic functionality, with a built-in alarm clock, world clock, voice recorder, stop watch and calendar. The M9 also has some unique features including a built-in analog antenna, enabling TV playback and FM radio playback as well. The M9 is a Dual SIM (standby) Quad-band phone, making it ideal for travelers. The M9 is a step ahead of the other iPhone clones and comes with an E-book reader, currency converter and unit converter.

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    CiPhone 3G 16GB

    CiPhone 3G 16GB Regardless of whether or not you are a fan of the CiPhone series of iPhone clones, the CiPhone 3G is one of the most complete iPhone clones available. The CiPhone 3G supports 3G mobile data transfer (as the name infers). The CiPhone 3G also features 16GB of on-board memory, making it one of the few iPhone clones to live up to the memory specifications of an actual iPhone. Visually speaking, the CiPhone 3G is very similar to an iPhone 3G, complete with a 3.2 TFT multi-touch display. The CiPhone 3G supports both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Similar to most CiPhone iPhone clones, the CiPhone 3G supports dual SIM cards. The CiPhone 3G features one of the most complete interfaces of all the iPhone clones, including the multi-touch keyboard found on actual iPhones. The CiPhone 3G also has support for T-Flash cards and sports a 2.0 Mega pixel camera.