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LG enV3 Review

written by: Kristina Dems•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 5/19/2011

The LG enV3 is a highly recommended phone. Some of its features include a camera which can also record short video clips and a full HTML web browser. Read on to find out about more of its amazing features in this review.

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    The LG enV3 is the follow up to the LG enV2. While almost having the same look as its predecessor, the LG enV3 comes with various upgrades, most noticeable is the 3 megapixel camera.

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    LG enV3 The LG enV3 measures 4.11 inches in length, 2.13 inches in width and 0.65 inches in depth. It is taller than its predecessor and weighs about 3.77 ounces, lighter than the 4.23 ounce of the enV2. The enV3 is skinny and rectangular in shape, and very much looks like a calculator. It opens up to show a full QWERTY keyboard. The device feels light and comfortable when held in hand.

    The LG enV3’s external screen measures 1.56 inches diagonally. It can support up to 65,000 colors at a resolution of 160x96 pixels. The screen is a bit bigger than the 1.45 inch external display of the enV2. Despite the small size of the external screen, it is capable of displaying vibrant and brilliant graphics and images. Of course, such a small screen does not allow for a full grid menu but the scrolling menu should be enough for users to scroll through the various functions of the phone.

    The left side of the phone features a dedicated key for the camera and volume control. The microSD card slot and headset jack are located on the right spine, while the bottom part of the phone features the charger jack. The camera lens is on the back.

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    User Interface

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    The external display of the LG enV3 shows basic information such as signal strength, battery life, time, date, photo caller ID, and track being played when the music player is on. The more advanced applications like text messaging, web browsing and email can be viewed on the internal display.

    Beneath the 2.6 inch internal display is a navigational array which features a circular toggle located in the center in lieu of the common up and down arrows. There is also a button dedicated for accessing phone contacts, while the clear button also acts as a shortcut for the voice recorder. The internal screen is capable of supporting up to 262,000 colors at a resolution of 320x240 pixels.

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    LG enV3 The LG enV3 is a better device than the enV2 in terms of features. The basic functions of text and multimedia messaging are there, as well as speakerphone, vibrate mode, voice command, alarm clock, calendar, notepad, voice memo recorder, tip calculator, and Bluetooth.

    The phone book of the LG enV3 is capable of storing up to a thousand entries. Each contact can have up to 5 phone numbers, a couple of email addresses and a street address. Contacts can be grouped or assigned with polyphonic ringtones and photos for caller ID.

    The more advanced functions of the LG enV3 include email, USB mass storage, GPS, web browser, and Dashboard with Mobile Web, a web portal that allows users to go to various sources of information like ESPN, entertainment, news and weather updates. The Dashboard also comes with a shortcut to a web browser that is the most conspicuous upgrade from the WAP browser of the enV2.

    The LG enV3 features a music player which is capable of showing the album art, track title, artist name and album name. The music player supports various audio formats like MP3 and WMA. The enV3 can support up to 16GB of removable memory through its microSD card slot.

    The 3 megapixel camera of the LG enV3 is a significant improvement from the 2 megapixel camera of the enV2. The camera can take pictures in six resolutions starting at 320x240 pixels and up to a maximum of 2048x1536 pixels. The camera also has white balance presets and color effects. There are special shot modes such as panorama, smile shot, and intelligent shot. The camera can also take video clips as short as 30 seconds and as long as an hour. Video clip resolution can go up to 320x240 pixels.

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    The LG enV3 is a reliable phone in terms of voice calls. Users can enjoy loud and clear conversation using this handset. Voice calls using the speakerphone are also pretty impressive. The camera of the LG enV3 can churn out good quality pictures, with sharp images and vibrant colors. The video recorder is quite a disappointment with dull colors, but it should be good enough for recording a short video clip.

    The LG enV3's battery can last for up to 6 hours of talk time and about 19 days of standby time.

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    The LG enV3 is a great phone to have with its sleek design, impressive features and user friendly interface. LG did a great job in improving the enV2 and making it a more recommended LG handset perfect for a typical mobile phone user.