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Using Your LG Pop GD510

written by: George Garza•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 5/20/2011

The LG Pop phone user's guide is a convenient tool to have because it lets users customize their GD510 phone with many features and personalize it the way they want. Without it, a user would miss out on many items that make the phone fun to use.

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    Using the LG GD510 - Basic Setup

    Let's look at some basic options that all users will want to perform.

    Making a Call/Receiving a Call

    • Touch to open the keypad.
    • Use the keypad to key in the number.
    • Touch to initiate the call.
    • To end the call, press the Smart key.
    • To answer a call touch the Smart key.

    Sending a message

    • Touch Messaging in the Communication tab, then touch New message to start your new message.
    • If you want to add an image, video, or sound, touch Insert.
    • Since you want the message to go to someone, Touch Recipient at the bottom of the screen. Then enter the number or touch to select a contact. Multiple contacts are also available.
    • When ready Touch Send.


    • To set up e-mail press the Communication tab, and start the e-mail setup wizard.
    • To retrieve your e-mails touch the Communication tab, and touch the email account.

    Taking a photo

    • Press the camera icon key on the right side of the phone.
    • When the camera has focused on your subject, touch the camera icon on the right-center of the screen to take a photo.

    Making a Quick Video

    • Press the camera key icon on the right side of the phone for a few seconds.
    • Holding the phone horizontally, point the lens towards the subject of the video.
    • Press the camera key icon on the phone once to start recording.
    • Rec will appear at the bottom of the viewfinder.
    • To pause the video, touch and resume by selecting the pause button.
    • Press the camera icon a second time to stop recording.

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    Touch Screen Tips

    The controls of the GD510 depend on the task, but first here are some touch screen tips to be aware of.

    • Press the center of the icon to select an item.
    • Because the touch screen is sensitive to touch avoid hard presses.
    • So use the tip of your finger to touch the option, and be careful not to touch any other keys.
    • Whenever your GD510 is not in use, it will return to the lock screen.

    To scroll from side to side just touch and drag from side to side.

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    Advanced Features

    Handwriting recognition

    Handwriting recognition is easy to use. Start by selecting Handwriting-Screen or Handwriting-Box, write on the screen and the GD510 will convert your handwriting into your message.

    Using the LG Pop GD510 as a modem

    You can use a USB cable or Bluetooth to set your phone up as a modem. This way your PC can connect to the Internet.

    1. Create a modem connection with a USB cable.

    • LG PC Suite must be installed.
    • Connect the PC to the GD510.
    • Click InternetKit and followed by New and select Modem.
    • Create the Internet Profile and save it.
    • This profile will appear on the screen, select it and now you are connected.

    2. Create a modem connection with Bluetooth.

    • Make sure that the Bluetooth is on and visible.
    • Pair your PC and GD510 and a passcode is entered.
    • Start the connection wizard ... this creates the Bluetooth connection.
    • Click InternetKit and followed by New and select LG Mobile USB Modem, click OK.
    • Create the Internet Profile and save it.
    • This profile will appear on the screen, select it and now you are connected.


    You can use a Bluetooth device with the LG Phone. Here is how you would send a file.

    • Your Bluetooth must be on and visible.
    • Set up your Bluetooth according to the instructions to put it in pairing mode and pair your devices.
    • Open the file that you want to send (like a video, or music file).
    • Choose send, then choose Bluetooth.
    • Select the device that you want the file to go to.

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    There are various customization features that you can use to make the mobile phone more personal. Here are some customization tips.

    Setting a photo as wallpaper

    • Go to the Touch Gallery in the Entertainment tab.
    • Touch the photo you would like to set as your selection.
    • Touch the screen to open the menu.
    • Touch the picture icon.
    • You can change the size of the picture with plus icon.
    • When complete touch Set.

    Playing a game

    • Go to the Games & Apps in the Entertainment tab.
    • Touch Games, then choose a game to launch.

    Changing Your Connectivity Settings

    • Touch Connectivity in the Settings tab.
    • Select network; you have two options, automatic and manual. With automatic, the GD510 automatically searches for the network. With manual, all currently available networks are shown.
    • You can add a preferred network if you choose.


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    Any user of the LG Pop GD510 would be wise to download and use the user's guide. It comes with many step by step instructions to a panoply of items that are part of the LG phone system. By not working with the LG Pop phone user's guide, many features will be missed, or mis-configured.

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    GD510 Basics



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