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The MotionX GPS Drive Application Takes You Places

written by: Stacy Carey•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 9/29/2010

The MotionX GPS Drive iPhone application packs a punch with features galore. This app is not only a navigational tool, but provides the ability to search, contact, call and plan all within one handy tool. Easy to follow menus and screens take the guesswork out of navigation.

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    Find Your Way With MotionX GPS

    MotionX provides clear menus MotionX GPS Drive is designed specifically for the iPhone and is packed with features. With user-friendly menus and integrated connections, it is easy to get where you want to go while taking the easiest route. Utilize the Live Voice Guidance package that provides live routing, simulated test routes and fully integrated voice guidance for additional functionality. MotionX packs a lot of power and functionality into one affordable, well-designed application.

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    Functionality and Features

    Many iPhone apps provide directions and address searches. Few, however, pack as many features into one app as the MotionX GPS Drive application. This app utilizes the functionality of the iPhone itself to add additional features other navigational apps do not. Use the phone integration to place a call directly from the MotionX search results, find an entry from your contacts list, or even access your playlists while in the MotionX app.

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    Intuitive Menus and Full Support

    Intuitive menus make choices simple 

    The intuitive menus allow you to customize many features within the MotionX GPS Drive application. Choose whether you are walking or driving, or even a bit of both. Your maps are synthesized in real-time 3D and guide you step-by-step to your destination. Create a simulation of the route at a variety of speeds, so the route is not unfamiliar during the drive. The application fully supports iOS4 multitasking, so navigation can continue while you utilize other features of the phone.

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    Live Voice Guidance Enhances Usability

    The MotionX GPS Drive application comes with a 30-day Live Voice Guidance package. This feature provides live over-the-air routing and maps, 3D geospatial maps and the simulation mode. After the 30-day free package is over, there are several options available for continued paid packages. The Live Voice Guidance feature packs a punch while using the application day-to-day, or add the package solely during trips and vacations to unfamiliar areas.

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    Multiple Resources in One Utility

    Find restaurants, airports and parking with the tap on the screen 

    MotionX GPS Drive makes it easy to do everything you need in one application. Whether looking for restaurants, gas stations, coffee shops, airports or even parking, tap on the search menu and let it do the work. Never lose your car in a parking lot again when using the position feature. The in-app compass is a handy bonus feature. You can easily keep track of where you have been and where you are heading with a simple tap on the screen.

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    Visual Features Make Navigating a Breeze

    Easy-to-follow route navigation 

    MotionX GPS Drive routes are easy to follow with the thoughtful features contained within the app. Follow the blue line that clearly directs your course. The street you are on is listed at the bottom, and the app marks your progress as you pass streets along the way. A bar across the top alerts you with plenty of notice for upcoming turns, and the app estimates the amount of time and distance remaining before the next turn. A checkered flag on the display highlights your target destination.

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    User-Friendly and Integrated Features

    From the quality graphics to the user-friendly menus and the integrated features, the MotionX GPS Drive iPhone app is a heavy-duty resource. You will never again need to toggle between apps trying to locate resources, find phone numbers and addresses, change playlists or try to make phone calls. Instead, do it all within the MotionX GPS Drive. Put your iPhone to work for you with this well-thought out utility that helps make navigating and driving easy and fun.