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5-O Radio Police Scanner App for iPhone

written by: luis84•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 8/28/2010

Learn about 5-o Radio in this complete review and find out if it's worth a download. Learn about all the features that 5-o Radio has to offer, take a look at some screenshots and get the final verdict before downloading it on your iPhone.

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    The concept behind 5-o radio is quite simple. It is a police scanner for the iPhone. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of a police scanner, it is essentially a program which allows you to listen to police radios. In addition to police radios, 5-o radio allows you to listen to fire and EMS radio and other types of rescue and law enforcement.

    5-o radio also offers several additional bonus feeds and even top music feeds making it extra useful. One of the best things about 5-o radio is that the police and fire feeds are not limited to the USA, they are based in several different regions throughout the world.

    To find out how 5-o radio performs read on.

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    Functionality & Content

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    5-o radio performs beautifully. The applications loads quickly and presents you with an easy to use interface. The first page displays a5-o Radio  list of available options. These include things such as Browse Scanner Feeds, Top 100 Scanner Feeds, Top Music Feeds and Bonus Scanner Feeds.

    5-o radio is primarily a radio scanner and it does an outstanding job. Clicking on Browse Scanner Feeds presents a list of supported countries. These include the United States, Canada, Australia, Chile, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom and Germany. The wide list of supported countries is something rarely found in a scanner for the iPhone. Another area where 5-o radio truly shines is in the actual functionality.

    When listening to a radio feed you can view the location on a map, add it to your favorites and even chat with other users about it. These are all nifty features which supplement a very large selection of available radio streams throughout various states, counties and countries. The extra content such as the music stations is a nice bonus. It comes in handy when in the car if you decide you are done listening to a police radio, you can quickly switch to a music station without having to use a different app.

    Streams load very quickly in 5-o radio, especially over Wi-Fi. Performance over 3G was great and Edge was variable but worked.

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    Rating Average

    5-o radio is definitely not the first police scanner radio for the iPhone and it certainly won't be the last. It does not bring anything5-o Radio particularly revolutionary to the iPhone or change any experiences so drastically that it deserves a ranking of excellent. 5-o radio does however bring a stable and easy way to listen to a wide variety of fire, EMS and rescue radios directly on your iPhone.

    The addition of some live music feeds is a good thing and support for several countries is also a big plus. Coverage within the USA is excellent. 5-o radio does a great job at what it advertises and comes at a very reasonable price of $1.99.

    5-o radio can be downloaded via the iTunes AppStore (here).

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