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Top iPhone/iPod Exercise Apps

written by: Arnold Zafra•edited by: Bill Fulks•updated: 3/28/2010

If you're looking for the top iPhone/iPod exercise apps, you won't have a problem finding one. There are many bodybuilding apps on iTunes that will help you fulfill your goal, be it just to stay fit or to do some bodybuilding routines. Here we give you five of the top iPhone/iPoad Exercise Apps.

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    GymGoal Here's a feature-rich iPhone/iPod exercise apps featuring 280 exercise as well as a facility to add your own routines. This app also features 52 workout routines, comprehensive tracking system for strength and cardio workouts including super set routines. It also gives you progress tables and graphs, and workout history by muscles. If you want to send your workouts to friends, you can do so as well by email. You can even back up your data to In short, this app has everything you need to complete a successful workout regimen. (Price: $3.99) iTunes link

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    Fitness Muscle

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    Fitness Muscle One of the problems encountered by those who want to go to a bodybuilding workout is the lack of motivation to continue what they started. Well, this app gives you that motivation with step-by-step video tutorials to workout properly and efficiently. The app will help you learn abs challenge, six pack abs without crunch, 7 minutes workout six pack abs, killer home chest workout, peak training and more. It's a free app and yet you'll get over 300 videos and more. (Price: $0.00) iTunes link

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    Intense Bodybuilding Workout

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    Intense Bodybuilding Workout Intense workout is a sure way of building muscles and that sexy masculine body that you've always wanted to have. This app might help you achieve that goal. This app offers an intense 12-week workout that is sure to produce favorable results to your body. What's good about the workout routines in this app is that it attacks every muscle in your body. (Price: $0.99) iTunes link

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    Flex Workout Log

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    Flex Workout Log This app was created by an experienced strength trainer who wanted to have an iPhone/iPod exercise app that he can use to log his workouts, developments and achievements. So, this app lets you log your workouts quickly and effortlessly. It lets you track your body measurements in 9 areas - calves, chests, forearms, hip, neck, shoulders, thighs, upper arms, and waist including your weight and body fat. You can track your progress at-a-glance including your current body stats, net change and percent change. You can also export your workout data to Microsoft Excel via email. (Price: $1.99) iTunes link

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    Gym Track Alright, here's another bodybuilding app in iTunes that promises more than pre-loaded workouts but the ability to customize and enter your own routines as well. Generally, it lets you not only track what you're doing but view graphs, browse exercises and workout histories as well. What's good about this exercise app is that it can dynamically create a workout routine based on your goals for a particular session. So you'll not get bored repeating workouts. Other features of the app include pictures to remind you of which machine or piece of equipment you need, use your iPhone camera to add pictures as you train, line graphics to visualize your progress, powerful library management, plus rapid and easy to use in-workout data entry. (Price: $4.99) iTunes link