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Five Must Have iPhone Accessories

written by: Arnold Zafra•edited by: Lamar Stonecypher•updated: 1/11/2010

Since I bought my iPhone 3G S, I've probably spent more than what I paid for the unit buying different accessories that would either protect my iPhone or give it a cool look. Here we cover five of the must have iPhone accessories that one should buy.

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    Anti-Glare Film Screen Protector

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    Power Support Crystal Film Set for iPhone Whenever I get a new mobile phone or any device with LCD screen component, I always make sure that the screen is protected from scratches and other damages from day one. I'm probably one of the first who got the iPhone 3G S when it was released in the country where I came from so there were very few screen protectors available. Due to persistence, I finally did find one. If you value your iPhone, a screen protector is definitely a must have iPhone accessory that you should always buy first. There are many available screen protectors for iPhone right now. You can even find them from the Apple Store, such as the Power Support Anti-Glare Film Set for iPhone.(Price: $14.95)

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    Switcheasy Rebel iPhone Protective Case

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    SwitchEasy Rebel Case 

    After buying a screen protector, the next accessory that you must buy is an iPhone case. (Many cases actually come with a screen protector, so you can save some money by going that route). Again this is for protection not only from scratches, but from dents and scratches to your iPhone's body due to accidental dropping or bumps. One of the good protective cases you might want to consider is any from the Switcheasy Rebel iPhone Case series. Not only are the Switcheasy iPhone cases durable enough to protect your iPhone from harm, but they also come in sleek and cool designs. Using one of the Rebel iPhone cases gives your iPhone a new look. And Switcheasy iPhone cases are made of durable and yet soft plastic materials that would not harm your iPhone as well. (Price: $25-up)

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    Mophie Juice Pack Air - Case and Rechargeable Battery for iPhone

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    mophiejuicepackair Knowing how limited the battery capacity of the iPhone was and anticipating that I'm going to be using it also for mobile gaming, I looked for a good battery juice extender and read so many good reviews about the Mophie Juice Pack Air. True enough when I got it, my iPhone's battery life doubled. It also serves as a good protective case for my iPhone and you will surely love the shiny appearance of the case. It is available in either black or white color as well. You can charge and sync your iPhone to iTunes even when the case is on. It comes with a USB cable to either charge your iPhone while with the Juice Pack Air or charge it without your iPhone. (Price: $79.95)

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    Griffin PowerJolt Car Charger

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    Griffin PowerJolt Car Charger If you are always on the road and outside without access to a power supply, you would definitely need the Griffin PowerJolt Car Charger. It sports a low-profile design, is very easy to use, and gives you a versatile way of charging your iPhone. You just plug in the PowerJolt car charger to your car's cigarette lighter or a 12V accessory socket, and your iPhone will get its much deserved power charge. It has an amber/green charging status light to tell you when you're iPhone is fully charged and has a detachable dock connector to USB Type A cable that you can use to connect your iPhone to your Mac or PC. (Price: $19.95)

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    Apple Universal Dock

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    Apple Universal Dock If there's one iPhone accessory that you should get, it has to be Apple's Universal Dock as it serves as a homebase for charging, syncing, and more. The dock comes with a remote that you can use to control slideshows, songs and more across your room when your iPhone is in the dock which is then connected to a stereo or TV. The dock also supports adapters allowing you to also use your iPod. These adapters come packed with the Universal Dock. (Price: $49.00)