Getting the Conversion: Convert Units for Free Review

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The iPhone Utilities

If you use your iPhone for many daily activities, Convert Units for Free is a tool you should consider. Unit conversion applications allow you to enter one unit of measure and convert it to another unit of measure. You can convert pounds to kilograms, or centimeters to inches. Several unit converters are available for the iPhone. Some are better than others, but successful tools combine usefulness with a good interface. Convert Units for Free is in the second category, but isn’t going to rise to the top of any list.

Using the iPhone Conversion Application

Convert Units for Free is in a Rolodex format, which allows you to choose a measurement type when you begin using the application. Choose a measurement, such as angles or data. Use the left-hand Rolodex to enter the number you want to associate with that format. Rotate the right-hand Rolodex to match the format you want to convert to. You can use formats for date, energy, force, length, mass, power, and many others. The format is relatively usable and convenient, but it could be more user-friendly.

Proper Conversion

The problem with this application is that you need to have a basic understanding of unit conversion before you start using the interface. Other converter applications are made for those with limited knowledge of unit conversion. This allows beginners to make quick and accurate conversions. This application has more features, but it’s necessary for you to know how the different types of measurements relate to each other. This is especially true when some of them are not straight conversions.

Overall Review

Free the Apps! is the developer of Convert Units for Free. This developer is known for free iPhone applications, but created this unit conversion tool to make money. The program has a banner ad at the top, which is similar to the ads found on other free iPhone applications. One of the worst problems with this application is the area of the interface where you select the base unit that you want to convert. You have to enter a gray menu that nearly freezes other aspects of the application. Despite these problems, this is a free application that is fairly useful. On a scale of one to ten, this application merits a score of 6.5.