Birthday Caller Review: An Innovative and Different Way to place Birthday Calls from your Iphone

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Birthday Caller by KApps is an app that provides you the ability to make birthday calls to your friends, family and colleagues. It presents a new and innovative way to wish your loved a happy birthday. It is available for the Iphone and Itouch. If you do not want to send a traditional birthday card, and want to try something different on a friend’s birthday, read on to find out more about Birthday Caller.


This app is not very difficult to operate and you can jump right into it after verifying your phone number. You are required to enter the phone number of the person whose birthday it is. Then you are required to enter his/her name and finally, you need to enter your name. These fields must be entered to make this app function. As soon as you press call, a request is sent to the server of this app.

A call is then initiated to the recipient on your behalf. When the call is received, the recipient is greeted with her first name and is given an important message. The Happy Birthday tune is then played along with a custom message that you can choose. The recipient is also told to go out and party. A party noise maker sound effect is also included, which adds to the fun factor of this app. The inclusion of these additional features goes a long way in making the birthday call a hit.

The caller is told that the call was placed by you. The call even displays your phone number on the recipient’s caller ID.


Most people send e-cards or resort to placing a call on their loved one’s birthdays. Birthday Caller provides an interactive and innovative way of sending birthday wishes which would surely be appreciated by the person whose birthday it is. It is available as a free download from the App store. Three free birthday calls are included in this free download. If you want to more birthday calls, you will have to purchase them at a reasonable $ 0.99 for three calls.