TowerMadness Zero Review & How to Play

Better Than Tap Defense

Tap Defense may be one of the most well known early tower-based iPhone strategy games, though it is by no means the last. After Tap Defense came a slew of tower based iPhone strategy games, both free iPhone games and paid. Now Tower Madness Zero tires to take this concept to a new level with three-dimensional graphics, funny character design, and multiple level views. It does all of this fairly well, but the lofty goal it set for itself is a little missed at times.

TowerMadness Gameplay

It is your job in TowerMadness Zero to defend your sheep from incoming aliens. These aliens come in from flying saucers and then crawl across your farm field to get to the pen of the sheep. You post up different types of laser cannons to kill these alien creatures as the pace their way toward your important livestock. When they get to the sheep they beam them back to their ship.

All of this is done with jaunty little alien creatures and weapons strait out of the V miniseries. You can zoom in and out to get a better view, even up close so that you are on the same plane as the aliens. This is a good feature, but at times it makes it hard to see what is going on and the frame rate itself can be an issue. You have to remain focused and do not let a better view of graphic take away from your important TowerMadness Zero position of being able to see everything.

Game Features

There are a lot of features built into TowerMadness Zero, including the ability to share your results widely using things like Twitter, Facebook, regular iPhone email, and leader boards. You can open up different weapons, levels change, and there is a real depth over all to TowerMadness Zero.

Like many games in the iTunes App Store there is a regular version and a free iPhone game version. Since TowerMadness Zero is a pretty good game you should try out the free iPhone game version to see if you like it and then you can go for Tower Madness Zero complete. Everyone should at least give the free iPhone game version of the game a try, especially since it is one of the best tower based iPhone strategy games available at the App Store. Seven and three quarters stars out of ten.

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