Free Honor Points Without an Update: World War 50 Honor Points Review

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What more can you expect than free Honor Points from a Storm8 update. The newest World War update, which is World War 50 Honor Points, is really not much more than it advertises. Of course, free Honor Points for World War is never anything to ignore. This is especially true with such a mammoth number of free Honor Points to snag. On the other hand, the World War update section itself is still a little lacking.

Not Much of a World War Update

These fifty World War Honor Points are a perfect way to jump start your account and that is exactly what Storm8 hopes to accomplish with the free Honor Points package. Instead of packaging a real World War update to get people playing again they simply hand hour free World War Honor Points. It is true that the free Honor Points are going to be a must for every real World War player, especially since the other World War players you are competing against will be eating these fifty free Honor Points up.

Casual World War Updates

When it comes to the World War update, they have decided to basically strip that from the download and instead promise it naturally in World War. You can always check this in the World War Updates section on the main World War Home page. Do not expect anything more than very small World War updates.

Install Your Free Honor Points

It is important for every player to keep up on these free Honor Points package and get World War 50 Honor Points downloaded and installed, if only to remain tough in the face of the other free Honor Points pack rats. This is also a reminder that World War, and the rest of the Storm8 library, is in dire need of a massive update and over haul.

The little World War updates that come are nice, but a complete shift change is a nice way to spice up the franchise. It would perk my head up, even though free Honor Points do it as well. There is no reason to avoid World War 50 Honor Points, but write Storm8 and tell them that you want more. Six out of a possible ten stars.