iMobsters - 40 Favor Points Review

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Cheating for Free

Storm8 is keeping up appearances with its constant release of free cheat points for its text-based iPhone RPGs. iMobsters, which is often one of their more overlooked titles, is getting the free Favor Points treatment this time around as well. iMobsters - 40 Favor Points offers, of course, forty free Favor Points to players. This free Favor Points package is not unheard of by any means in the iMobsters or Storm8, world, and sometimes is accompanied by a full iMobsters update. iMobsters - 40 Favor Points is simply a free Favor Points package and not really a iMobsters update, but we are not going to turn it down.

How to Use iMobster - 40 Favor Points

All you really have to do is find iMobsters - 40 Favor Points in the iTunes’ App Store and download it free. Once it is on your iPhone desktop, you simply select it. It then opens up your iMobsters account with the forty free Favor Points completely intact. You do end up with another icon on your desktop for iMobsters - 40 Favor Points, but once they are in your account and in use, you can feel free to delete that extra icon.

Always Go For Free Favor Points

There is really no reason not to download and install these free Favor Points for iMobsters. It can only hurt you if you avoid these free Favor Points as most iMobsters players are going to go for these. This would give them a serious advantage over you, so anyone who wants to remain competitive in iMobsters should jump at these free Favor Points. iMobsters - 40 Favor Points is a relatively large free Favor Points package, though there have been ones with sixty free Favor Points.

Even so, this is not one that should be missed and there will likely not be a free Favor Points package this large for some time to come. It is unfortunate that there is no real iMobsters update included, but that is just how it goes. These free Favor Points are going to end up being very important when you are trying to compare your iMobsters account with others. Seven and a half stars out of ten.