Vampires Live 35 Loyalty Points Review

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Free Loyalty Points

Free Loyalty Points for Vampires Live may be the most important thing that Vampires Live players should look for. Vampires Live Loyalty Points are a very expensive way to cheat at Vampires Live. People use real money to buy Vampires Live Loyalty Points to cheat their way through things like free money, clan members, or refills. Though most Vampires Live players will not have the money to pay for these ways to cheat, all those that are committed will keep their eyes peeled for every possible release of free Loyalty Points.

Storm8 releases the free Loyalty Points to keep Vampires Live players continuing, and it is a scheme that works. This is a way that they can inspire people to remember to play Vampires Live and download the newest Vampires Live updates that they have to feed us. Now we have a new Vampires Live update and free Loyalty Points package, Vampires Live 35 Loyalty Points. If you play Vampires Live at all this is a must have download, but do not expect much more than what is clearly advertised.

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Vampires Live 35 Loyalty Points will, essentially, give you 35 Loyalty Points. There really is nothing else that comes from this release of free Loyalty Points. Often times there is a complete update that comes along with these free Loyalty Points package, but this time it seems to just be a clear promotional offer that Storm8 gives when it seems playership is starting to decline. Right now it claims that there are more than two and a half million players, and by the popularity of Vampires Live 35 Loyalty Points they probably are not far off.

This being said, there have been larger packages of free Loyalty Points released in the past and it would be nice to see a real update to Vampires Live and the rest of the Storm8 library. This being said it is still worthwhile to install for active players, but it may not bring you back to the land of the undead if you have really become disinterested. Free Loyalty Points are always important. Seven out of ten stars.