Drivers Ed – The Perfect Way To Ace Your Permit Test

(5 out of 5)

The iPhone has seen a growth in very resourceful applications. One of the coolest and most helpful ones I have found is the Drivers Ed application from Anybody who has taken a state driving permit test knows how difficult the test can be. has put together a superior and authentic study guide that is packed with sample questions, flash cards and even a downloadable driver’s manual, identical to that of the DMV.

The Driver’s Ed application is broken into four parts. You have practice tests, completed tests, flash cards and driver manuals.

The practice test option is the main aspect of the free application. Here you can choose to take sample tests ranging from five questions to one hundred. You can increase the amount of questions in increments of five. The questions are all multiple choice, and they are just as difficult and sometimes confusing as the actual permit test. This, in a weird way, is actually helpful because it can help you distinguish the correct answer, even if it is hard to understand at first. After each test you take, you will be given your results. Any questions that you missed will show up with the correct answer. You can either retake the test or go back to the main screen.

The completed tests button allows you to see the results of all of the tests you have taken. You are able to go back and click on any completed test to see which ones you missed and got correct. It also lists the date and time of when you took it.

The Flash card category of the application is basic. You will be given a situation or a statement, and you can tap on the white box to see the correct answer. It’s a good study tool, but it is kind of boring to look at.

The coolest thing about the Drivers Ed application is the ability to download the driver’s manual from any state in the United States. The download is free, quick and comes directly from the DMV’s website. Once you download it, it is stored on your iPhone so you don’t have to go back and download it again. It is a PDF file, so you simply scroll through the pages from top to bottom, literally. It is all in full color. To zoom in, you simply use the pinch feature.

Drivers Ed is a fantastic application for people who are just getting their permit or for parents who want to get their soon-to-be driver, familiar with the material. The fact that this application is free and allows you to not have to go out and pick up a manual makes it nice. Being able to study anytime you want and for as long as you want, is a nice little touch as well.

Drivers Ed from is a must-have for anybody looking to take their permit test. It is even great for anybody who has their license, but wants to catch up on their driving facts. Drivers Ed can be downloaded free from the iTunes application store.

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