Dial Zero iPhone App: Skip Customer Service Automated Menus

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What is Dial Zero?

The purpose of Dial Zero is simple: give consumers the information necessary to talk to an actual human at the huge, faceless corporations we deal with every day.

Everybody hates phone trees. When you want to talk to a person, it’s incredibly frustrating having to dial eighty bajillion numbers and listen to terrible voice actors rattle on and on about tons of options or departments you could care less about. Historically, you could always dial 0 at most companies to get a human on the other end (thus the name of the app), but many of them wised up. I imagine a manager’s thought process going a little like this: “Hey, customers actually want to talk to us and that costs money. We have to make it harder for our customers to contact us so we can save a few bucks by hiring less people to answer the phones.”

Dial Zero pulls its information from the gethuman.com website, a website devoted soley to helping consumers get around frustrating phone trees that go nowhere. So, if you find a company that isn’t in the list, head over to gethuman.com once you’ve figured out how to talk to a person and share your information. It will make you feel good by helping the next person and award you with some positive karma.

Using the application is simple. Simply load up the application and start typing the name of the company you want to reach. Once you’ve found it, click the name of the company and it will bring up a description of what you need to do in order to talk to a person. It also has a phone number for that company that you can click on to launch the call automatically. Once you’re connected, simply follow the directions and you’re good to go.

Dial Zero Rating (4 out of 5)

Dial Zero is nearly perfect, but not quite. I would have preferred that the information be sync’d into iPhone’s internal storage. That way, if I’m out of cell phone range or if gethuman.com is down, I could at least get the information needed and call on another line.

Dial Zero, simply put, is an application that every single person who has an iPhone should have, especially for the price (free).


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