Boring Magic: Guess My Age Math Magic Review

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Math Tricks

The use of number tricks, which are really just low rent magic tricks using common mathematics, are a common entertainment for those who take the time to learn them. If you ask someone to guess a number between one and ten, nine times out of ten it will be seven. Guess My Age Math Magic is barely more sophisticated than that, though you may have a little more fun with it over a total of five minutes.

Will It Guess My Age?

Guess My Age Math Magic gives you a base set of numbers. You are then asked if your age is in that series of numbers, and you answer Yes or No. Then you are given another series of numbers. Yes or No again. It does this over seven set, which toward the end rule out higher numbers and are of a smaller list. This is all it does and it does it well as it has always been correct.

Not Much Magic

Guess My Age Math Magic is not an intensely good time. The interface for Guess My Age is about as sparse as you could expect as the field of number is really just a series of blue boxes with numbers in them. Once Guess My Age has finished guessing your age it goes back to the beginning, as if you age was going to change. There are no other features available to your with Guess My Age Math Magic. Just another mini game or trick would be nice, even some sort of settings. At this most fun you can have is to select No every time so it tells you your age is zero. Again, if you select Yes the whole time Gues My Age will tell you that you are horribly mistaken.

Waste of Time

Guess My Age Math Magic does what it promises, but that really is not enough. It is a sparse interface, takes really only a few seconds to complete, and it is not that impressive so showing off to your friends will only acquire pity smiles. Go ahead and pass on Guess My Age, unless you are dying for someone to verify it for you. Three out of ten stars.