WOW Security: Mobile Authenticator Review

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World of Warcraft on the iPhone

Blizzard has hit a virtual pot of gold with World of Warcraft. This point is seen clearly through the new World of Warcraft iPhone applications that, instead of actually providing some kind of modest gameplay, allow you to really just monitor your World of Warcraft account. This brings the World of Warcraft to the iPhone in obsession only, and without any form of real unique content. World of Warcraft Mobile Armory for the iPhone did this in a big way and gave you a huge host of options. It was only for committed World of Warcraft players, but it brought a profound amount of depth. We also have the Mobile Authenticator, which can be utilized by World of Warcraft players that utilize the system. The function of the Mobile Authenticator is so specified and minor that it will make non-World of Warcraft players become baffled at its reason for existence. Since Mobile Authenticator is free and a companion to your account there is really no reason that an avid World of Warcraft player should step without it. Security

When you open Mobile Authenticator will be given a serial number that you are then supposed to link with your account. You do this on the website in an area dedicated to the Mobile Authenticator. You really just enter the Mobile Authenticator and select to attach it. If you are going to remove Mobile Authenticator from your iPhone then you will have to go to the website and go through a removal process.

For Some

The real purpose of the Mobile Authenticator is to add more security to your account. This can be useful in the complicated community of World of Warcraft, or it might just be over kill. Either way it is an excuse to have World of Warcraft on your iPhone in name only. This way you can continue to think about your World of Warcraft account when you are far from your computer. This will be great for a few, but only that few. Six and a quarter out of ten stars.

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