RPG Fusion: Vampires Vs. Werewolves Review

Better than Twilight

Vampires Vs. Werewolves is one of the most involved and enticing text based iPhone RPGs that have ever been released. The design for Vampires Vs. Werewolves will be a little familiar to those that are seasoned in this iPhone genre, but there is enough new here that you will feel as though the dynamic has been redesigned. There are problems with Vampires Vs. Werewolves, but the great new features are enough to make it one of the sparkling gems from the barren rock quarry of the App Store.

Inside the Gameplay

You get a fun animation to jump-start Vampires Vs. Werewolves every time it loads up. When it does you will see that you have to start out will some form of a tutorial that restricts access to different areas of the Vampires Vs. Werewolves game. From here, you will have some of the standard elements like purchasing Quests and buying items. The difference here is that you have to choose a general geographic location from where you pick the Quests as well as how you will fight them. You can easily lose when you do not approach a certain Quest from the right angle. In the Alchemy section you are asked to actually combine different elements to create new items. All of this ends up taking the more menial tasks of the RPG and injects them with a more in depth feel that makes the game feel as though you are truly customizing your account and character. To top this off the full version allows you to sync up to your Facebook account and share news of your adventures.

Gold Pendants

Vampires Vs. Werewolves does maintain some of the standard things that long time text-o-philes have come to expect from the genre. One of these is the cheating point system, which has in this case been renamed Gold Pendants. You can use these Gold Pendants to buy things like Clan Members or get more gold.

Worth the Money

There have been two version made available at the iTunes’ App Store. Vampires Vs. Werewolves Lite is free, while Vampires Vs. Werewolves DARK is set at $0.99. Vampires Vs. Werewolves Lite is really only good for checking out the game but you will quickly notice that you really only have one city to carouse. You are going to have to upgrade from Vampires Vs. Werewolves Lite to Vampires Vs. Werewolves DARK to get the full game to continue on. You may be a little frustrated with the price, but remember that it is less than a dollar and many of the more annoying games clogging up the virtual shelves of the App Store. Eight out of ten stars.

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