Pet Notebook: Perfect Pet Diary on Your iPhone

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iPhone provides you with a new application to show how much you love your pet. Pet Notebook is a useful application through which iPhone users can organize all information regarding your pets. The iPhone application has great interface with interesting features. Pet Notebook lets you write and store all the relevant information on your pet, be it the favorite pictures of your pet or its veterinary and medications data. iPhone users can get every single detail of their pets on the palm of their hands.

Usability (5 out of 5)

The iPhone application stores all the basic details of your pet(s) including name, type or breed, age and even date of birth. It also contains other information of your pets, picture gallery, veterinary or medications information and notes. Pet Notebook includes Picture Gallery where you can store all the favorite photos of your pets. You can choose the pictures from the gallery or take new ones. Regarding veterinary information, you can store your pet’s vet phone and address. You can also store medications information such as which medications your pets need along with relevant instructions on how to take them. In the Notes section, users can write special notes or other important information about their pets, for example, what’s your pet’s favorite food or other likes and dislikes.

If you have more than one pet, you can simply store information on each pet in different folders. One of the main attractions of the Pet Notebook application is its flexible nature. The iPhone application includes custom info lists, which means that you can create new fields if there is not one you need. Besides, you can edit all and any data stored in the application. The lists can be re-arranged according to your requirements. Even the pictures in the gallery can be re-sized.


Pet Notebook will cost you $1.99 if you download it from the App Store. Such a useful application at almost the price of nothing is really great for pet lovers. You can regularly update the information on your pet whenever needed in the customizable lists of the application. I think Pet Notebook can be considered as the perfect pet diary as it maintains all the information and records of your pets. Just check it out.