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Kingdoms Live Price Wars: Code Booster for Kingdoms Live Review

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: DaniellaNicole•updated: 7/3/2009

Code Booster for Kingdoms Live offers army codes, but for a heavy price.

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    Price Decision

    Tristran Gordon has spent much of its recent development time focusing in on creating iPhone applications where people upload their friend codes to a particular game, giving everyone access to a large number of codes. The idea with this Code Booster series is that this way you would have a huge number of friend codes to look for, which adds to the experience and makes you top in the network. Tristran Gordon is not the only company to focus in on this theme, but their Code Booster series does tend to be superior in terms of design. The problem is that iPhone applications for friend codes are difficult to use in comparison to websites that offer the same service. More than this, Code Booster offers their applications at a price that is not economically practical for most players. In some of the more recent Code Booster applications, they have dropped the price from $2.99 down to $1.99. With Code Booster for Kingdoms Live they go back up to their $2.99 price tag, which is not justifiable under any circumstance.

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    Fight for the Kingdom

    In Code Booster for Kingdoms Live you get a whole list of different options. The main feature is the Code List where all the army codes that are available. You will enter in your army code and others will be able to see it on the main list. There is also a featured spot where you have to go through an awkward bidding process to be given priority. This is a simple scam to make more money and should be avoided.

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    The Boost

    Over all it is just easier to look at a large list online for free in a message board format because then you can add the army codes as you see them instead of going back and forth. The Code Booster series, with Code Booster for Kingdoms Live, is still the best, yet the price does not warrant a purchase. The general concept behind the application is not great, but if you are going to have to deal with this, it needs to maintain the quality at a lower price. Four out of ten stars.