Alliance Code Attack: World War Code Booster Review

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A World at War

World War for the iPhone’s popularity has left it open to the associating application manipulation that is prevalent now around these text-based iPhone RPGs. The iCodes and Code Booster series has given you a reason to spend money that does not seem warranted to the average player. The reason for this was often the less that stellar design mixed with the high price. It seems that in the case of World War Code Booster Tristran Gordon finally learned its lesson. With World War Code Booster they dropped the price to $0.99 and kept the superior design that put it miles over the iCodes series. It still may not be the best for some users, but this is without a doubt the best pay friend code application that has come around.

Alliance Codes

The main function of World War Code Booster is to give you Alliance Codes. You get a huge Alliance Code list when you hit the Code List button from the lower World War task bar. This brings up a scrolling list with Alliance Codes and information about each player. Most of this info is a little more than is needed, but if you are trying to streamline it might become useful. The Featured tab has Alliance Codes for players that have gone through an annoying bid process, which I would not recommend for anyone. The best part of the World War Code Booster is that you can enter your Alliance Code so that others can find it. This is what is going to get up your Alliance numbers as fast as possible, especially on this format. There are still the promotional ads inside it but they are regulated off to their own side.

Better Than the Rest

The problems with these types of applications are still inherent in World War Code Booster. It is difficult to go back and for between World War and Code Booster when trying to send invites. However, if this is a dynamic you like you are not going to find much better than World War Code Booster. If you are in a rush to add to your Alliance in World War feel free to try it out, but only if it sounds as though it will help. Six out of ten stars.