Enjoy the Power of Yoga with iPhone's iPump Yoga Application

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iPump Yoga is one of the most useful fitness applications designed for iPhone users. The iPhone application includes the secrets of ancient fitness mantra that are important to improve your health in the most natural way. The application is compact with a number of power packed Yoga features including readymade workouts, exercise images and videos. iPump Yoga inspires you to improve your mind, body and spirit together.

There are three main levels of learning the Hatha Yoga flows. The iPhone application will provide you with Yoga exercises that you can do without working in a typical gym environment. You can simply turn on its video demonstration, learn each Yoga level step by step and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Usability (4 out of 5)

iPump Yoga is designed for uplifting your physical, mental and spiritual health by means of various Yoga exercises. The iPhone application features three progressive Hatha Yoga flows with more than 61 Yoga images, videos and audio demonstration showing you the various ways of fitness awareness through the power of Yoga. There are more than 4000 exercise images that provide you with a whole new Yoga experience.

The fitness application features simple interface to follow. iPump Yoga provides detailed instructions on how to start your Yoga session. New Yoga learners will find it easy enough to follow the workout. Users can record the number of repetitions of the three flows exercised each day along with their weight that day. This is a routine Yoga exercise that you need to follow in order to stay in proper health and shape. Each step is explained in the audio-visual demonstration of the application. You can rotate your iPhone screen in order to see larger exercise images. You can tap on the video icon to play the Yoga video.

Besides, you can play your favorite music while using iPump Yoga. The main purpose of the fitness application is to inspire. You can inspire your friends by emailing your fitness progress status.


I found the iPump Yoga application really useful for learning the Hatha Yoga flows and exercises. To maintain the workout regimen is quite easy as I can go through my recorded Yoga sessions, and learn and improve on the exercises. The iPhone application can be downloaded from the App Store at $0.99.