Blood Draw: iCodes for Vampires: Bloodlust Review

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Riding the Popularity

The Zynga game Vampires: Bloodlust has proved itself as one of the best of the vampire themed text based iPhone RPGs. Now that it has hit a bit of popularity XHumans has taken it upon themselves to milk their numbers as simply as possible. They have done this concretely by releasing iCodes for Vampires: Bloodlust, one of the newest titles in the manipulative iCodes series. Though it may be a unique addition to the difficult Vampires: Bloodlust Player ID, it still does not live up to the $0.99 price tag.

Player ID fest

If you are not familiar with the format of the iCodes series then you are not missing much. The bottom of the screen is the common task bar that you see in almost all iPhone applications. The far left option is iCodes, which is where you go to get your Vampires: Bloodlust Player ID. Here you get individualized pages, each with a single Vampires: Bloodlust Player ID in the middle. When you tap the screen you get taken to another page, with another Player ID. The next option to the right in the iCodes for Vampires: Bloodlust task bar is the Leaders page that lists all the top players in Vampires: Bloodlust. To the right of this is the Chat feature, which allows you to talk to other Vampires: Bloodlust players. Both the Leaderboard and Chat features are relatively useless unless your obsession with Vampires: Bloodlust eclipses all else in your life.

In Need of an Alternative

iCodes for Vampires: Bloodlust fails partially because of the inherent problem with Friend Code applications. Since they are not directly connected to the game in question you have to get the Friend Code from the application and then enter it into the game. This means going from iCodes for Vampires: Bloodlust to Vampires: Bloodlust, and back again. It is much easier if you use a large block of Player IDs, as you would on a free web site dedicated to Vampires: Bloodlust. iCodes for Vampires: Bloodlust has an associated website at with all of the Player IDs that you can visit for free, so just do that instead of paying for this application. Three and a quarter out of ten stars.