World War Alliance: iCodes for World War Review

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Another One

Xhumans is working hard at keeping up with the newest and most popular text based iPhone RPGs. This means even more additions to the iCodes series, and in this case World War takes a top spot. iCodes for World War is a new attempt at finding an iCodes audience, but it feels just the same as the last incarnations.

Flip Book

Just as with previous title, iCodes for World War sits on a premise of flipping through individual pages one at a time. On each page you get a single Alliance Code, and once you tap on the screen to switch to the next page. This is supposed to be the most efficient way to get a volume of Alliance Codes, yet it take such a long time that it is hardly worth it. Even if iCodes for World War did not cost $0.99 it would hardly be a good choice.

Alliance Codes

Beyond Alliance Codes iCodes for World War brags that it has a leader board and live chat. Neither of these things are useful or fun in iCodes and it really makes you wonder why they were added in the first place. There is little here beyond the basic Alliance Code format that anyone will latch onto. It also claims to be “fast and reliable,” which is only true in a pretty loose sense.


Instead of buying into this whole new friend code application craze just take a few minutes and scour the internet for website dedicated to Alliance Codes. World War is relatively new, but its popularity should lead to a number of web boards and threads dedicated to Alliance Code publications. You are going to get a larger number of Alliance Codes this way since people do not have to pay money and posting your Alliance Code here will likely get it more traffic. On top of this using a website is just an easier way of getting in large numbers of Alliance Codes into World War because you can look at a high volume of them in one eye full. Just forget the entire iCodes series. Four out of ten stars.