HormoneOscope for Female iPhone Users

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Oxygen has developed a wonderful application for iPhone users. HormoneOscope is designed exclusively for female users of iPhone. Female users can manage their cycle with the application while sending their moods through email or Twitter. For instance, if you feel the sickness already, then you can let your friends know your moods in advance by emailing them your moods. The iPhone application includes a number of mood icon choices. That means you don’t need to feel hesitatant due to your monthly blues about accepting an invitation for your weekend get together. Just send any of the mood icons to let your friends know how you feel. Simple and fun, isn’t it?

Usability (5 out of 5)

The iPhone application features a line up of moods and attitudes that represent the myriad personalities a woman tends to manifest during the different phases of her cycle. The cycle thing itself is very much a personal subject for a woman. But, the importance of the iPhone application is realized in the fact that it stays with you in your iPhone so that you can check it anytime you want. HormoneOscope incorporates useful features regarding the maintenance of the data of a woman’s cycle. Once installed on your iPhone, the iPhone application asks you the date of your last period and the average length of your cycle.

When you store the information on your iPhone, HormoneOscope delivers to you a daily message by means of a mood icon. I found it funny and useful too. The different mood icons are cute to play with. At the same time, I can prepare myself for the next cycle while the dates are saved in the iPhone. So now, I can update my monthly moods to my friends through email or Twitter. More than that, I don’t need to try that hard to remember my cycle dates as the iPhone application saves it.


HormoneOscope is a great iPhone application from the developer Oxygen. You can download the iPhone application free from the iTunes store. In order to install HormoneOscope on your iPhone, you need iPhone software version 2.0+ along with active data connection. Enjoy playing with the cute mood icons while availing the usefulness of HormoneOscope.