Star Trek Klingon Language Suite - Learn the Klingon Lingo with Your iPhone

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Learn a new language today, the language of the Star Trek movies. Prominent author and linguist Dr. Marc Okrand invented this new language called Klingon with its complete vocabulary, grammar and words. Developed by Ultralingua and published by Simon & Schuster, Star Trek Klingon Language Suite is a complete language package of three applications for iPhone and iTouch - the Klingon Dictionary, Conversational Klingon and the Klingon Phrasebook. You can purchase the applications separately or as one complete package, whichever sounds appropriate to you. The point is that you are learning something new and interesting, and that too on your iPhone screen.

Learn a New Language (5 out of 5)

As a Star Trek fan, I am quite excited with the iPhone application because now I can brush up my Klingon linguistic skills and proficiency. The Klingon Dictionary is an interactive two-way bilingual dictionary with texts translatable from English to Klingon and vice versa. This is the primary source for learning the Klingon language. The dictionary incorporates all the fundamental rules of Klingon grammar such as rules for using prefixes and suffixes, verb conjugation, and so on. It also features all the relevant words and expressions indicating the complex nature of the Klingon culture. The dictionary includes a digital format with precise pronunciation guide and volume control. You can go back to the previous search results by visiting the History option. Conversational Klingon features recorded tutorials of the Klingon language. Its user-friendly audio format allows learners to listen and repeat the language in a conversational context. What is most interesting in the Star Trek Klingon Language Suite is the third and new addition of Klingon Phrasebook. This application includes more than 30 audio phrases that are essential and popular expressions in the fictional Klingon world in Star Trek.


The complete package of Star Trek Klingon Language Suite is worth $11.99 which is available in the App Store. The Klingon Dictionary and Conversational Klingon can be downloaded from the App Store separately at $3.99 each. But the Klingon Phrasebook comes pretty reasonable at just $0.99. For those interested in learning the popular expressions of the Klingon Qo’nos, Klingon Phrasebook is the best deal available. Learning a new language at $0.99 is a smart idea, isn’t it?