Racing Live Friend Code Bonanza: Racing Live Code Booster Review

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Speed Racer

Racing Live has recently become one of the more popular of the text-based iPhone RPGs, which is in direct opposition to its lack of depth or design. Of course, this has led some other iPhone developers scrambling for a way to capitalize on this popularity without doing any sort of innovative work. The Code Booster series has been an efficient parasite in this way and now they have just added to their library with Racing Live Code Booster.

Nothing There

As you may have guessed, Racing Live Code Booster is an iPhone application that gives you volumes of Racing Live Friend Codes. The Code Booster design has proven itself better than that of iCodes, but the $2.99 price tag does not warrant this. Since none of these Friend Code supplementary applications seems to be worth any amount of money, every dollar that is place don Racing Live Code Booster brings its already barely useful function down even farther.

Crew Codes

There are a number of different features that you have in Racing Live Code Booster. You can view the Code List that has a huge number of Friend Codes, each with a bunch of useless information about each player. It is hard to look through these, though you at least have a huge volume in one place unlike iCodes. The Featured spot is silly, as this requires a complicated bidding process by those on it including the applications outside web address and real money. You are also asked to input your own Racking Live Friend Code so that others can find it, which is probably the best part of Racing Live Code Booster.

Find an Alternative

This application is annoying and expensive, really bringing view redemptive qualities to recommend it. You still have to go through the lengthy invitation process in Racing Live and that can be a problem. Instead of using Racing Live Code Booster you should just go online and search the web boards for yourself. You are going to find volumes more Friend Codes this way and end up with an easier process of adding them into your Racing Live system. Four out of ten stars.