Getting iMobsters Codes with Help from the iMobsters Code Booster

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Price Tag

It seems curious how Tristran Gordon prices applications for their Code Booster series. Rockstars Live Code Booster is only $1.99, which is for the relatively popular Rockstars Live, while iMobsters Code Booster maintains a $2.99. They seem to believe that since more people play Rockstars Live than iMobsters, the $1.99 price tag will attract more people. But the $2.99 price tag for the less popular iMobsters just gives a more tangible reason to avoid it all together.

Mob Codes

iMobsters Code Booster has all the same features that make the other Code Booster titles a success or failure depending on how your perceive them. At the bottom of the display, you have a task bar where you can select different parts of the application. On the far left side you have the Featured tab, which lists players that have gone through an awkward and financially expensive bidding process. Next to that is the Code List, which is the main list of Mob Codes with details about each player. Though this is nicely put together most of the information is entirely useless to the Mob Code collection process. The next tab over is the My Code section where you add your Mob Code so it appears on the Code List and accompanied website. After that is the New Games tab where you can see other products advertised.

In Depth Nothingness

What iMobsters Code Booster tries to do is to turn the Mob Code acquisition process into a game in and of itself. It is nicely put together, but the whole fundamental concept is flawed. Using an iPhone application to get Mob Codes is an awkward process because you have to continually close it out and go back into iMobsters. There are so many free websites out there to get Mob Codes, as well as redemption codes and iMobsters tips. iMobsters Code Booster is over priced and its nice design is of little use to most players. If you absolutely must go with this, you are going to have a little substance to your download, but not enough to warrant the price. Four out of ten stars.