Kill Fashion: Suicide Girls iPhone Review

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The New Attraction

Suicide Girls has taken the guise of pin up culture and reformed it in the image of new femininity. This neo-fetishism incorporating body modification, hyper real interpretations of retro fashion, and an increasing trend toward body type diversity has stamped Suicide Girls into the culture with the kind of impact reminiscent of sexual liberations that have gone before. In more recent years they have attempted to go outside their normal parameters by making their way into almost every commercial or media market, usually without the same fervor of their books and website. Now Suicide Girls has been brought to the iPhone and its lack of content is somewhat bothersome to those who had hoped that Suicide Girls would overcome the same brand trappings that have come before. It does have a mild amount of fun to it, but for such an engrossing movement you would expect so much more. It is really only in this framework that you feel a little let down, but not enough to stay away.

Flip It

When you open the Suicide Girls iPhone app you get the image of a beautiful woman standing in a pose inspired from classic mid-century imagery. You can scroll to the right and see the profiles of ten fully dressed woman, each with their own unique pose. Here is where the program kicks in. When you turn your iPhone upside-down, you can see their clothes melt away and the profile is now only protected by underwear. This is fun no matter who you are, even if it does have a creepy paper doll feel. In the lower right hand corner you can hit the SG button and see the name of the model and the Suicide Girls web address.

Demand More

There is nothing else to this application, though without the Suicide Girls name this would be enough. It is just on the edge of being an acceptable representation, until you realize that this is just a simple ad for the website and the rest of the products. Go ahead and download it for a little fun, but do not expect much more. Six and a quarter out of a possible ten stars.