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iCodes for Kingdoms: Kingdom of Friends

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: DaniellaNicole•updated: 6/3/2009

iCodes for Kingdoms Live does the same thing that the rest of the iCodes series has. Enough said.

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    Price Code

    iCodes seems to have an egalitarian streak as it has chosen to release iCodes for Kingdoms Live, a game that has still to find as wide of an audience as games like Rockstars Live and iMob Online. As with the rest of the applications in the iCodes series iCodes for Kingdoms Live falls short from meeting expectations, especially since it has a $1.99 price tag.

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    Friend Code Caper

    The iCodes series has created a dynamic that places a single Friend Code for its respective game in the middle of an annoyingly backdropped page. To get to the next Kingdoms Live Friend Code you tap on the screen, bringing up the next page. The idea here is that you will be diving into a huge number of Kingdoms Live Friend Codes so that you can begin sending invites and creating a crew that dominates on the dance floor. Every person that downloads iCodes for Kingdoms Live can then add their Friend Code to the available list. This is the best part of iCodes for Kingdoms Live as it leaves you open to receive invites from all its users. Unfortunately, the number of people who have posted their Friend Codes is still relatively small. Even if it was an endless string of Friend Codes you would have a difficulty using them since you get them one at a time and it takes a long span to get anywhere.

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    Web Wise

    Instead of using the iCodes option, it is best to peruse the online communities that have been built around games like Kingdoms Live. The message boards and social networking sites have become the best option for you if you are looking to seen and be seen in terms of adding friends. Right now the iCodes for Kingdoms Live website is free for anyone and lists all of the Friend Codes, which is a great option to check out if you don’t want to pay the unreasonable price. You can find this address at and take down some of these Friend Codes. Over all iCodes for Kingdoms Live is a useless application that costs money and is more tiresome than it is useful. Two and three quarters stars out of ten.