Friend Code Filing Cabinet: iMob Friend Finder Review

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Friend Finding Mission

iMob Friend Finder follows the lead of the iCodes series that provides iPhone software that simply gives you lists of Friend Codes for different text RPGs. iMob Friend Finder stacks iMob Online Friend Codes in an interesting way, adding elements that separate it from iCodes for iMob Online. The one fact that remains in spite of this is that the pay version is still unreasonably priced, this time at $2.99.

High Profile Friends

This “Unofficial” software rests on the exact same principle we saw before. Here you are given extensive lists of different Friend Codes, this time shifting the focus toward information about their status. This is given relatively great detail in iMob Friend Finder, though it seems peculiar because iMob Online does not base the strength of its friend system on the faculties of parallel players. Adding as many friends as possible to your iMob Online crew is best, no matter where their finances are at.

Friend Code Filter

iMob Friend Finder asks for much more money than you even bargained for through their Featured section. This list of Featured Friend Codes is decided through a bribery system that is explained in painful detail at The essential plan here is to coordinate real money with fake money, organize a payout, and give you a useless position on an inane list. This is the last thing that most iMob Online players need as they are constantly asked for money by the Don during regular gameplay.

Too Much Money

iMob Friend Finder Lite is the free version and worth a look, though going simply online to find Friend Codes is easier and more accessible. The full version is an annoying excuse to take your money, though its awkward interface is still more detailed than iCodes for iMob Online. This process still requires a back and forth dynamic that is usually more trouble than it is worth. There is no reason to subject yourself to this kind of expensive Friend Code hunting, and instead posting your Friend Code on an iMob Online web board will give you even more efficient results. Even if it doesn’t, it’s still free. Four and a quarter out of ten stars.